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The correspondent of RTVE in Beijing Mavi Doñate, winner of the Cirilo Rodríguez Prize for Journalism

The journalist of RTVE Blue Donate, correspondent in Asia-Pacific for the last six years, has been awarded this Friday with the XXXVI Cirilo Rodríguez Award for correspondents and special envoys, granted by the Association of Journalists of Segovia.

The jury has highlighted her sensitivity and social responsibility, his ability to find his own solid sources and contrasted and report with rigor and solvency, but also his direct style, his pedagogical and informative skills and his exquisite and careful use of language.

As a correspondent for Radio Televisión Española, Mavi Doñate (Zaragoza, 1971) has reported in recent years from the Asian giant on events such as the tensions between the United States Government and North Korea, the attacks in New Zealand and Sri Lanka, the earthquake in Nepal or the typhoons in the Philippines.

Also the popular demonstrations in Hong Kong, the thirtieth anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre and the coronavirus pandemic, from December 2019 until just a few weeks ago, when he left Beijing to start reporting this time from Paris, the city to which he will join. coming soon.

An excited father

In her acceptance speech for the award, the winner reported that a few days ago, upon her return home, her father, whom she described as ‘a rude Aragonese’ whom he had never seen cry, was moved to find her again.

“I realized, indeed, the sacrifice that family members make for us, to let us fulfill the dream we have, and that sometimes we forget how important they are and without their support we could not get to where we are or count the times. stories “, he pointed out.

He has vindicated the value of international journalism, even more so in the world in which, as he considers that the pandemic has taught us, “more than ever we must look towards places, no matter how distant and recondite they may be.”

“Viruses do not understand borders, but neither do the economy, or what China is going to be, or is already being, with this project that has to be a country that achieves world hegemony”, has observed.

Finally, the journalist has made reference to a few words of the photojournalist Gervasio Sanchez, also a recipient of the award more than twenty years ago and now a permanent member of the jury.

“Where there are no journalists and there is injustice, the injustice is greater; there where there is no press and there is war, those who wage war commit greater atrocities,” he said.

José Naranjo and Francisco Carrión, finalists

The winner will receive 6,000 euros and has been endowed with the “Lens of the Earth”, a trophy manufactured by the Royal Glass Factory of La Granja, while the other two finalists, José Naranjo and Francisco Carrión, have been awarded 1,000 euros and the same piece, on a smaller scale.

As the first finalist, the freelance and correspondent in West Africa for the newspaper El País has been appointed Jose Naranjo, who resides in Senegal and collaborates with other media such as Cadena Ser, Radio Nacional de España or 5W.

The war in Mali, the Ebola epidemics, the Boko Haram conflict, the Gambia’s political transition or, more recently, the coup in Guinea-Conakry, where it was a fortnight ago, have been some of the continent’s historical episodes. African that have been shelled by the journalist.

The second finalist, Francisco Carrion, is currently an editor at the digital newspaper El Independiente, but has spent the last ten years working as a freelance from Cairo (Egypt), for media such as El Mundo, Mediaset or El Comercio de Peru.

He has covered the riots in Egypt against the dictator Hosni Mubarak, the ravages of the Islamic State in Iraq or the changes in the Arabian peninsula, and has signed exclusives such as an interview with the mother of Mohamed Atta, mastermind of 9/11, or a report that revealed the whereabouts of one of those responsible for the 11M.

Tribute Alfredo Matesanz,

The gala of this edition, whose honorary president is Queen Letizia, has been marked by a heartfelt tribute from the Association of Journalists of Segovia to Alfredo Matesanz, who was the host of Radio Segovia Cadena Ser for more than two decades and died last June at the age of seventy.

This award is organized in memory of another Segovian journalist, Cirilo Rodríguez, correspondent for Radio Nacional de España in New York, who died in Madrid on November 21, 1980 when he went to work at the Casa de la Radio, and who among others events narrated the arrival of man to the moon.

Javier Martín, delegate of the EFE Agency in Algeria, Libya and Tunisia was the winner in the last edition, that of 2019 – last year it was suspended due to the pandemic – and among the winners since its inception are Manu Leguineche, Diego Carcedo, Hermann Tertsch, Beatriz Iraburu, Juan Jesús Aznárez or Gervasio Sánchez.

Also Pilar Bonet, Juan Fernández Elorriaga, Ramón Lobo, Juan Cierco, Javier Espinosa, Rosa María Calaf, Javier del Pino, Soledad Gallego-Díaz, Íñigo Domínguez, Juan Pedro Quiñonero, Mónica García and Cristina Sánchez.

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