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The councilor of Zaragoza claimed by the Justice and denounced by his wife: “I am not going to refuse to appear”

The councilor of the Zaragoza City Council Ignacio Magana, separated from the PSOE for an alleged case of sexist violence, assured this newspaper yesterday that you will not refuse to appear before a judge, despite the fact that for the Court of Violence against Women number 1 of the Aragonese capital the mayor is unaccounted for.

Magaña should have already appeared before the Justice after his wife will report him for an alleged crime of mistreatment last November 13. However, the councilor, through his lawyer, Carlos Fuertes, alleged the impossibility of the former socialist leader to attend the speedy trial for a suspected heart condition for which he had to be operated on urgently. However, after making a query from the examining magistrate’s office, the hospital Miguel Servet He denied that Magaña had been admitted or that he had undergone surgery. It only appears that he was treated in the emergency room on November 27.

“You yourself have verified that I am not missing. I picked up your phone, right? Can you imagine that I am going to refuse to appear? No, “said Magaña when responding to the call from this newspaper.

However, the still councilor of the Zaragoza City Council (now listed as unaffiliated) did not want to confirm or deny the information that has been published about him so far or about his state of health. He simply referred to that, “very soon” (“tomorrow or in two or three days”), “your assessment” will be known about this whole thing.

“I am gathering all the documentation together with my lawyer and soon you will see news from me “He said, although he did not reveal what he was referring to specifically or through which channel he will make his position public. “As you will see, I am not missing “He insisted, without responding to the reason that led him not to appear before the court.

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As published by EL PERIÓDICO DE ARAGÓN, the newspaper that belongs to this group, Prensa Ibérica, the Zaragoza Provincial Prosecutor’s Office has already urged the Magaña lawyer to inform the Court of Violence against Women within three days of the current address of the councilor so that he can be summoned as investigated and so that he is notified of the restraining order issued to his wife and the release of the mayor after he was detained by the National Police. If your address is not provided, the prosecution will issue a search and arrest warrant. This could also cost you an indictment for a crime of obstruction of justice, although it will be necessary to wait, according to the statements of the politician himself, to know his defense strategy.

Given the information published by this newspaper, the Aragonese PSOE wanted to mark distances with Magaña. “We want to remember that as stated in our ethical code, Mr. Ignacio Magaña is suspended from membershipFrom all his responsibilities within the party, he has been expelled from the socialist municipal group in the Zaragoza City Council and is no longer part of our organization from the moment the news was known, “they explained.”Against sexist violence, zero tolerance “, they added.

Magaña continues to be a councilor in the consistory although he no longer belongs to any group. At the moment, he has not attended any act or municipal plenary session.

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