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The Court of Accounts transfers to the prosecutor the transfers from the Diputación to the PP

The Court of Accounts transfers the transfers from the Diputación to the PP to the prosecutor

The Court of Accounts transfers to the prosecutor the transfers from the Diputación to the PP

The Court of Accounts, in response to the complaint filed by Compromís, has issued an ordinance procedure by which transfers to the prosecutor’s office of the agency that analyzes fund transfers from the popular group of the Diputación to an account of the PP so that within ten days it manifests on whether the public action should be admitted or filed.

The complaint was filed by the Compromís group in the last month of September and shows a series of irregularities in the income of 446,781.53 euros from the Diputación al Partido Popular. The letter points to three main axes where possible irregularities are included: Failure to comply with the final destination of the economic endowments to political groups, transfer not entered into the provincial organization of the party and absence of the mandatory supervision.

The PP considered justified the public money you received from the group Deputation and said that the Court of Auditors has already audited it throughout the past term. The popular defended that the certificates signed by the current provincial president of the PP, Eduardo Dolón, at that time number two of the Diputación with César Sánchez, serve as proof and ensure that they complied with the regulations of the Diputación when presenting their accounting with the endorsement of the intervention. However, now the Court of Accounts has issued a diligence in which it sends the income to the prosecutor and asks him to analyze the case.

This newspaper has had access to many of those certificates that effectively collect the amounts that were being transferred but in no case are they accompanied by notes with the detail of the destination of the money that went from the Diputación to the PP nor by any invoice.

According to the Compromís spokesman, Gerard Fullana “thus falls, in a forceful way, the alibi of Carlos Mazón’s Popular Party. The PP has refused to present the invoices that prove compliance with the institution’s ordinance because, according to his explanations, The Court of Accounts had already audited them, when the body is now asking the prosecutor for explanations for the commission of possible crimes or accounting responsibility of administration technicians and representatives of the PP.

The popular group quadrupled the allocations to political groups at the beginning of the 2015 term, with César Sánchez as president. From this moment on, the popular group of the Diputación increased transfers to the Popular Party without publicly accrediting their final destination. Compromís reported to the Court how the party’s manager, Yolanda Murcia, came to issue certificates contradicting Dolón’s own certificates. “In order to circumvent a possible appeal by the opposition that required accreditation through invoices, it has been avoided in recent years to comply with the bases for the creation of the County Council’s accounts control commission, which provide for a report to be issued for approval by the plenary session opinion “, Fullana denounces, who adds that a large part of the admissions is carried out between December 25 and 31 in a systematic way,

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