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The court of box b of the PP will begin the interrogation of Bárcenas and other defendants on March 1

Bárcenas, during the trial for box b of the PP.

Bárcenas, during the trial for box b of the PP.

The court of the National High Court that judges the alleged payment with money from box b of the PP for the reform of the party’s national headquarters has set the resumption of the oral hearing on March 1, which had been suspended after the hospital admission for covid-19 of one of the accused, the former manager of the PP Cristóbal Páez. Thus, it will begin the interrogations of the accused, among them, the popular ex-treasurer Luis Bárcenas.

This has been agreed by the Second Section of the Criminal Chamber in an order dated this Thursday once the forensic doctor has issued his report in relation to Páez. The court summons the parties in two weeks, at 10 a.m.

The oral hearing began on February 8, and the first two sessions were dedicated to the processing of preliminary questions. After this phase, the statements of the defendants should have begun, although because Páez had communicated his positive for covid-19 –the first days he followed them by videoconference from his home– and his subsequent hospital admission, the court agreed to interrupt the trial until the former manager of the PP was in a position to appear in person.

In its resolution, and in order to determine the resumption date, The Chamber asked the forensic doctor of the National High Court to examine the accused throughout this week and issued a report about his health and evolution.

After having received this report and after learning that Páez has been discharged from hospital, The Chamber has set a date to resume the trial at the headquarters of the National Court from García Gutiérrez street, which is on the corner of Génova street in Madrid, where the popular headquarters are located.

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Dock of the accused

In this procedure, in which If money was used from the alleged box b of the PP to pay for the remodeling of the headquarters of the political formation and not the finalist donations to the party -which are still under investigation-, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office asks for Bárcenas five years in prison, which would be added to the sentence of 29 years in prison and one month that he is already serving for the first stage of the Gürtel plot. Popular accusations ask for higher penalties.

Cristóbal Páez, for whom Anti-Corruption requests a year and a half in jail, are also accused of these events; the partners of Unifica, Gonzalo Urquijo and Belén García, for whom the Public Ministry requests three years and 10 months for documentary falsification and against the Public Treasury.

Likewise, the employee of this company Laura Montero sits on the dock, for whom the Prosecutor’s Office is interested in the dismissal of the case, against the accusation maintained by the popular accusations.

As for the PP, he is again in front of the court of the Second Section of the Criminal Chamber of the National Court, as happened at the first time of the Gürtel plot, where he was convicted as a lucrative participant, but this time as possible subsidiary civil liable for the alleged crimes that the other defendants had committed.

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