Thursday, March 23

The covid crisis takes its toll on the Generalitat: 1,623 million euros

The emergence of the covid pandemic has forced the Generalitat to articulate mechanisms to face a crisis that, beyond an unprecedented health impact, has generated significant consequences in the social and economic sphere. The vice-president of the Consell, Mónica Oltra, has today put figures on the extra bill that the autonomous administration has had to pay to face the crisis: 1.622.910.227, 42 euros. That is the amount that, as detailed, has been consigned through agreements and decrees of the Consell since then; funds that have served to address issues such as the purchase of medical supplies, reinforce staff in hospitals, adapt schools to ensure safety or deploy the network of aid that has been injected into the productive sectors affected by an unprecedented situation and to provide assistance to the most vulnerable population.

“Every euro that the Consell has approved It is a response to having listened to what the Valencians have asked and needed.“, has valued the spokeswoman for the regional government. That has been one of the issues highlighted by the vice president in her last appearance of the year, in which she has made a balance of the year that ends tomorrow, December 31.

Oltra has assured to feel “proud” of the Valencian people, who “have understood that the vaccine is a symbol of hope and solidarity.” “We get the vaccine to protect ourselves from the virus and also because it is a way of caring for those around us. This leads us to be one of the regions of Europe with the highest vaccination rate, above 90 percent“, has added.

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“Faced with the messages of those who have tried to lead us down the path of selfishness and noise, the Valencians have responded responsibly,” said the vice president, who stressed that the citizens of the Valencian Community have chosen the “path of the community “, going from thinking” about the self, to caring for the us “.

Likewise, he has indicated that this situation must be overcome together and, in this regard, he recalled that that is why the Consell asked in February that release patents on vaccines “because only universal vaccination will allow a global solution to the pandemic.”

Mónica Oltra, in addition, has valued that the Valencian Government has acted “with responsibility and seriousness”. “In this time of pandemic, in the face of those policies that have wanted to evade their responsibility over people’s lives, in the Consell we have deployed a series of measures aimed at saving lives, but accompanied by policies to help the sectors most affected by the crisis, “he said.

In this sense, the spokesperson for the Generalitat has highlighted that during the pandemic the Consell has passed agreements and decrees worth 1,622,910,227 euros to buy medical supplies; “to compensate the anguish and the bad situation generated by the economic crisis with aid to companies, workers and workers in ERTE”; to compensate the effort of professionals on the front line; to start schools “safely”; to strengthen hospital services; and to support social services “that protect the most vulnerable people.”

Likewise, he added that this money has been used to create a “successful” vaccination system; to sustain the lives of thousands of families “who are having a very bad time”; and to generate a resilience that allows “to come out strong through innovation”. “Each euro that the Consell has approved is a response to having listened to what the Valencians have asked us, and have needed,” he added.

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Social vaccine

Finally, Mónica Oltra recalled that since March 2020 measures and aid have been approved for vulnerable groups through the Ministry or through the town councils to reinforce social services, “a social shield so that at the end of this pandemic and its economic consequences, no one is left behind. ”

He has highlighted the 100 million euros for the reinforcement of municipal social services and for primary care; as well as the reinforcement of the mental health units and the reinforcement of the Xarxa Jove with a team of psychologists, and the expansion of the Valencian Inclusion Income (RVI) to 250 million.

“I am proud of my people, satisfied with the work done and hopeful because not only do we have a vaccine that ends the pandemic, but we have opted for a social vaccine that allows us to get out of the crisis in a totally opposite way to that of 2008, Of cuts and inequality and selfish corruption, a social vaccine that makes us feel proud and proud of a people that walks together and leaves no one behind, “he concluded without making any kind of self-criticism.

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