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The covid gives another opportunity to traditional sectors such as textiles or cardboard

The same happened with the huge demand for cardboard boxes to feed the notable increase experienced by electronic commerce and the delivery of food at home; or with construction materials for all those who, after spending hours and hours locked up in confinement, detected the need to make reforms at home. And it is that, unlike the hit suffered by sectors such as hospitality or tourism on the Costa Blanca, other traditional industries have not only been harmed by the crisis of the new coronavirus but are managing to float and even increase templates and production processes. They are the new essentials that the pandemic has left.

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Selling products through the internet experienced during the months of confinement growth rates of 70% and even higher in some sectors. With the commercial opening in the different phases, the figures were deflating, but they managed to maintain figures well above pre-covid levels. As an example, just look at the forecasts for the upcoming Christmas holidays. The sector estimates that e-commerce will have a market share 30% above the data registered at Christmas 2019, which could translate into 4.2 million shipments in the province in the period spanning from the Black Friday until the eve of the Three Kings Day.

This huge volume of parcels has brought about an increase in demand in many cardboard factories. «We have had many more box orders of customers who already sold products online, but there are also more and more companies that did not sell online and now ask us for information to get into that market, “explain sources from Vegabaja Packaging, one of the main manufacturers of cardboard packaging in the province. Special packaging for the shipment of food and fresh products through e-commerce is one of the trends that has grown the most these months for the firm based in Dolores, as well as packaging for chemicals or cleaning supplies, which has also ostensibly increased its production.

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Another example is Eldense Cartonajes Salinas. Dedicated to «Packaging» de lujo in cardboard has also managed to make this crisis an opportunity. At the end of February, days after the confinement, the company acquired a production plant in Barcelona. It has not been the only risky decision of the company founded by Antonio Martínez. During the pandemic, the firm has strengthened its sales team abroad to have a physical presence in Paris, New York, London and Brussels, company sources explain. «Packaging always helps to sell. When a customer loses sales, as has happened in recent months, they turn to us to show the market a different image of their product and grow in sales “, they say. And thanks to this, in 2020 not only will they not have losses, but also will close the year without having to take an ERTE none of the permanent workers.

Not depend on China

Another of the Alicante sectors to which SARS-CoV 2 has given a new opportunity is the textile. The need for fabrics to produce masks and other sanitary garments for hospitals and also for private use has led factories in this industry, based in the regions of l’Alcoià, Comtat and Foia de Castalla, to carry out a conversion that has It is close to 10 million euros to avoid having to depend on the material purchased in China.

Companies that adapted their work routines to manufacture these products, claim to have amortized in a few months what they invested in their day. The contestana Comersan is an example. “We made the first cloth masks for our workers at the beginning of the state of alarm as a protection measure for them, because there were not yet any prevention regulations.” Jorge Sanjuán, manager of this company, recalls that the seconds to receive his reusable masks were relatives of his workers and friends, who turned to them due to the difficulties in finding them in the market. Hence, to the “boom” of production. Masymas, Consum, Economic Cash, El Corte Inglés and Eroski added to their exhibitors the face masks from the Cocentaina firm, which at the peak of its peak manufactured up to 80,000 masks a day: from fabric to filters to clothing.

The result? The firm has not only covered the investment it made in machinery, but has also been able to increase its workforce and will end up closing the worst year for the economy of our country and the world “as if it had been a normal year.”

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All without leaving home

The companies that produce construction materials will not come out badly either. Home confinement and companies’ commitment to teleworking has led many families to carry out small reforms in their homes to make them more comfortable or create a suitable work environment. “Many people are allocating part of the money they save by not being able to leave home to improve them”, indicates Jordi Gómez, manager of Extrusax, the factory located in Sax that has become, since its foundation in 2006, one of the largest producers of aluminum from Spain. Another aspect that is contributing to the rise of the industries dedicated to the treatment of aluminum is the infinite capacity of this material to be recycled and its sustainable nature, by minimizing emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere.

And precisely because of the need to spend more time at home, online courses and food delivery at home are other services for which the demand has grown the most in these months. After 25 years teaching at their Accadem academy, Juan Gerrero and Carles Vila have had no choice but to jump online. The implanted blendedness to reduce capacity in the classrooms of the University of Alicante, from which its students mainly feed, and the fear of many people to share closed spaces has imposed online teaching in this study center, which combines the preparation of subjects of some degrees and competitive examinations with the teaching of languages, with about a thousand students. “Before March we would not have imagined the rise of online classes and now they cover almost 70% of our activity,” they explain.

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Food delivery platforms have not stopped growing in demand and presence. As an example, the firm Deliveroo has incorporated 200 restaurants since the state of alarm began from the Community to his “backpack” and now exceeds a thousand. Among the main factors that explain this increase is customer comfort. But it is that, in addition, service has been a breath of oxygen for many hospitality businesses that restrictions or limited capacity would have prevented reopening and that, with the distribution of their dishes, they have also seen a new opportunity open up before them .

Since March we have been spending much more time in homes and many people have detected the need to do works at home to make them more comfortable or to create a suitable work environment. For this reason, factories of materials such as aluminum have skyrocketed their production.

Leave home without risk of infection and without fear

The emergence of SARS-CoV 2 also generated a need for public and private institutions that until now arose only in very specific situations: the thorough disinfection of closed and open spaces to reduce contagion and that citizens went out without fear. In this time, the demand for this service has skyrocketed by 200%. At the worst moment, the Lokímica from Alicante developed a specific protocol and took up to 300 technicians to the streets to disinfect cities throughout the country.

The growth of up to 70% of e-commerce since lockdown has not only caused many cardboard factories have seen their demand increase It has also put new needs on the table, such as packaging for the online sale of fresh food.

The huge need for fabrics to produce masks and other sanitary garments after the total shortage that the country suffered at the beginning of the pandemic has been a business opportunity for some industries in the province’s textile sector, which launched into the manufacture of TNT – non-woven fabric – to make masks, filters or gowns for hospitals or large-scale production of masks for sale in supermarkets.

Companies dedicated to environmental health and the treatment and control of pests They have also found a vein in the coronavirus. Their demand has increased by 200% and many of them have not stopped performing disinfection for institutions or individuals on streets, public buildings, residences or homes to erase the trail of covid-19.

Home delivery: Advantages for customers and hoteliers | RAFA ARJONES

The introduction of blendedness to reduce capacity in classrooms and the fear of many people to share closed spaces has triggered the demand for online training. The academies have incorporated dozens of courses to this modality, which has also made it possible to attract students from all over the province.

Another service where the demand has grown the most is the delivery of food – and all kinds of products – at home. Among its advantages not only is there convenience for the customer, but it also offers an outlet for many hoteliers affected by restrictions and the reduction of capacity in their premises.

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