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The covid hotel at the Palau de Congressos de Palma is already hosting infected German tourists

The Palau de Congressos hotel has been a covid establishment throughout the pandemic.

The Palau de Congressos hotel has been a covid establishment throughout the pandemic.

The Meliá Palma Bay, the hotel covid of the Palau de Congressos at the service of the IB-Salut, already has foreign tourists who have tested positive for coronavirus when arriving on the island through the port or the airport. In this establishment, which in March of last year was transferred to the Government by an agreement with the hotel company, until Sunday there were eleven people infected. Among them, foreign tourists, including Germans. The spokesman for the Executive, Iago Negueruela, explained yesterday that international travelers who become infected during their holidays on the island will be redirected to this establishment or confined to their hotels.

As this newspaper was able to confirm yesterday, in the Palma Bay there are eleven rooms occupied by people who are isolated by coronavirus and have reached the island through Son Sant Joan or by sea. In addition to these foreign travelers, including Germans, Balearic residents are housed in two other rooms who also go through confinement due to covid there. The current agreement for the transfer of the hotel, which was medicalized during the first state of alarm, until June 21, will in principle be extended until May 30.

In addition to tourists and infected residents, the Palma Bay houses health personnel who occupy three rooms. In this case, they have been referred there because they live with other people at risk who could be infected by their essential work in health.

From the Ministry of Health they explained that the hotel on Calle Felicià Fuster has been enabled uninterruptedly since last year, although there has been no tourist activity, and that it is available to residents and travelers who do not have accommodation to overcome the disease with all the guarantees. They argue that those ten positives that are in the establishment do not have to be tourists, in any case they specify that there are eleven people staying as of last Sunday. Likewise, in Health they emphasize that there could also be infected tourists who are not in Palma Bay because they pass the disease in their own accommodations.

The Government does not pay accommodation

The Minister of Economic Model and Tourism, as well as a spokesman for the Government, Iago Negueruela, confirmed yesterday that there is a covid hotel such as Palma Bay in each of the islands and It is not only for tourists, but also for residents of other places who cannot return home or people who do not have their residence nearby. In any case, tourists who test positive during their holidays in Mallorca will be accommodated at the Palma Bay, or in the rooms enabled for positive tests in their hotels, until they have overcome the disease.

Negueruela also indicated that in no case will the Government be in charge of paying for the accommodation of tourists who test positive. “The invoice will be passed to the Ministry so that it can be sent to the European health system “, he asserted. Likewise, the Government spokesman indicated that the Executive will not pay the anticovid tests required by the German Government for the return of its citizens who are on vacation in Mallorca and the rest of the islands of the archipelago. “Each tourist will pay for his test and what we have done is to make available to hotels, travel agents and airlines a list of private health laboratories so that these tests can be carried out and tourists can return to their countries of origin. origin “, affirmed Negueruela.

Remember that 522 flights are scheduled between Germany and Mallorca until Easter Monday. This means that during this Holy Week thousands of German tourists will walk through the Balearic Islands and some more of the eleven already infected may test positive.

Last Friday, the German Chancellor, Angel Merkel, signed a decree requiring all tourists who had traveled to Mallorca that before boarding the plane in Son Sant Joan they should have passed a test to rule out contagion by coronavirus. This announcement caused the Government to get to work and enable private laboratories to carry out these tests and thus prevent any German tourist from being able to return to their country.

The German visitors already began yesterday to take the diagnostic tests that Germany requires in hotels and laboratories on the island. As of today they must present them before getting on the plane to their country.

On the other hand, the Government will present tomorrow the device of inspectors to control tourists during Holy Week. In a special way, they must ensure that in the meetings that tourists carry out, there are a maximum of two coexistence nuclei. All the inspectors of the Autonomous Community will dedicate themselves to this work.

Habtur collaborates in the surveillance

The president of Habtur, Antoni Barceló, explained yesterday, as a result of the special surveillance device that will be launched at Easter, that “the control that the owners already carry will be reinforced and we consider that it is good news and we are at the disposal of the Government and Civil Guard to collaborate with them”. Barceló recalled that “Habtur partners and vacation home owners are the first interested in complying with the regulations and guaranteeing this year’s tourist season.”

The association will make known the regulations and protocols to its clients, but also recalled that they are not inspectors and “clients can deceive us.”

A restoration association will appeal the closure of the interiors

The Associació de Restauradors de Mallorca has decided to appeal the order of the Government, which agreed to close the interior of these businesses. These businessmen have hired the Luna-Garau law firm to represent them in the lawsuit they intend to file to appeal this decision. The association questions the attempt to demonize the sector and hold it responsible for the infections. They do not understand that these drastic measures are adopted when the Balearic Islands is one of the communities with the lowest rate of infections. This group of businessmen encourages others affected to join this judicial initiative to defend their interests.

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