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The crossroads of the Tajo-Segura for the PSPV: low profile in the federal congress but raises the tone in Benidorm

The crossroads becomes especially devilish when power is held, and that is something that is reflected in the latest movements of the PSPV secretary general, Ximo Puig. In just one month, the socialist has gone from claiming the Tajo-Segura transfer as “essential” to accepting that the PSOE led by Pedro Sánchez recognizes only the importance of taking advantage of all resources in order to ensure supply, and finally , raise the decibels again and demand, once again, that it is a vital, essential and inalienable infrastructure. And all in less than 30 days. All in October.

The head of the Consell has resumed this week a more forceful speech in defense of the transfer of flows from the Tagus to the Segura, essential to keep the province afloat. He does so in the face of the great appointment that starts on November 12, when he will revalidate his leadership at the head of the PSPV through a comfortable congress, without internal opposition, to face his third term as secretary general. The Socialists will row in the same direction to try to demonstrate a firm position: that transfers are essential. They will emphasize their story at a key moment, when political rivals, especially the PP, take advantage of the war between territorial barons attached to the PSOE on water issues. Nothing that has not also happened when the popular were in power, but, at least for them, the previous cuts, those promoted by their own, seem to be past water. Now it is Emiliano García Page who demands from Castilla-La Mancha to stop the contributions of the Tajo-Segura; before it was Dolores de Cospedal. However, the battle is being played today on the socialist field and it is the Ministry for the Ecological Transition, led by Teresa Ribera, who agreed in July to reduce shipments by modifying the exploitation rules. The PP of Carlos Mazón, advanced by the right to Puig presenting from the Alicante Provincial Council the first recourse to the snip. Two days later, the Consell joined the judicial battle.

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It could be taken for granted that the PSPV’s defense of inter-basin transfers also includes that of Júcar-Vinalopó, whose infrastructure cost 450 million euros and has hardly been used. It would also benefit the province, but in the presentation that the Valencian Socialists will take to their Benidorm congress, in three weeks, no express mention is made of the need to promote contributions through a channel that, in the end , has hardly pumped water to Alicante. Isn’t it also vital, essential and inalienable, like that of the Tajo-Segura?

From claim to conformity


Amendment to the presentation of the PSOE in the federal congress

The Valencian socialists presented an amendment to the federal congress presentation in which they demanded that the PSOE assume as “essential” the maintenance of the Tajo-Segura transfer, the permanence of the same volumes of water that have been perceived so far and that are not there is any kind of increase in price.


Drain the water debate before Pedro Sánchez

The PSPV agreed to renounce the express references to the transfer in the 40th federal congress. It was a particularly thorny issue. He did it in exchange for knocking down Albacete’s proposal that claimed self-sufficiency between hydrographic basins, that is, the end of the Tajo-Segura. The Valencian Socialists had serious doubts of losing if the matter was resolved in a vote. The finally agreed text states that: “All existing resources must be used to guarantee the water necessary for human consumption, agriculture and other productive sectors.”

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They raise their voices in their own conclave, that of Benidorm

It will be at the PSPV congress in Benidorm, from November 12 to 14, when the most demanding speech will be recovered. Playing at home, without rivals from their own game, allows them to emphasize the message to say that they will not accept any “attack” on the Tajo-Segura and accuse Madrid of the lack of quality of the river due to its poor purification. In short, everything that was not said at the federal summit.

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