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The Cuban Observatory for Human Rights denounces the repression in Cuba and asks the EU for individual sanctions




The Cuban Observatory for Human Rights (OCDH) has denounced the repression that is taking place on the island. Alejandro Gonzalez Raga, Executive Director of the OCDH, began his speech by denouncing the regime and explained that the Cuban authorities have only recognized one victim during the protests. He has also declared that the situation is unsustainable and has defended the right to demonstrate. “The Cubans were asking for claims that the government itself should have guaranteed. However, ordered the hunt for people who participated in the protests, also using all the available instruments of repression since it has even come to release new technology to get the repression of Cubans.

The director has also reported that the detained protesters have been taken to prisons that were not being used and that they have been opened and enabled specifically for this. González Raga numbers the people arrested in the protests at 757, according to the OCDH until this morning. Of them, 600 are men and 157 women, in addition to 13 minors that have been documented so far. Likewise, Raga emphasizes that it must be taken into account that these figures have been collected in the midst of digital blackouts.

“People are being tried for crimes such as the transmission of the epidemic”

The OCDH member has reported that all the people who have been tried in the framework of the social protests in Havana have been detained for Crimes against public order. “But people are also being tried for crimes such as the transmission of the epidemic,” Raga denounces, and explains that “the government has also called marches that are in no way different from those carried out by these people, but they are not judging ».

“The government continues to repress, continues to imprison and continues to detain people without specifying their destination. This is forced disappearance because the families are not being informed where the people are, nor because they are being detained. This is torture, arbitrary detention and forced disappearance », has concluded the director of the Cuban Observatory of Human Rights.

“We expect the EU, especially Mr Borrell, to rise to the occasion”

Yaxys WaxesOCDH Director of Strategies, has clarified that behind the protests there is no foreign power: “The cause of the protests is the political, economic and social failure of a regime that has been going on for more than 60 years. People did not come out to protest against the politics of another country. They protested because they wanted rights and medicines. They are complaining about public transport, but they are also complaining because they want to Political changes». Cires wanted to emphasize that the word that was repeated the most in the protests was “freedom.” He also claims that the Cubans “clearly called for a change in the political regime.”

Likewise, Cires calls on the European Union. “We expect the EU, especially Mr Borrell, to rise to the occasion because, unfortunately, the statements have not been.” He has also asked the Commission to follow the example of the US and impose individual sanctions: “The commission, and especially Borrell, must clearly condemn the repression of the regime, in fact, it must not rule out the imposition of individual sanctions for human rights violators. Those who torture Cubans must be subject to individual sanctions by the EU, as the US announced yesterday. and has asked the EU to call for ‘a transition to democracy. The people asked for a political change and the Cuban elite does not listen to the people, therefore the EU must demand a transition towards a human rights regime.

The role of women in Cuba

Elena Larrinaga, from the Red Femenina de Cuba platform, denounced in this same act that institutional violence continues to hit Cuban families. “The role of women has been very difficult, the economic, political and social crisis is the direct responsibility of the government.”

“Despite the repression, the violence, we Cuban women are against violence”

Likewise, she wanted to emphasize the strength of Cuban women, who for the first time have told their children to «go out into the streets because we we have not been able to give them a better world“And has read a letter sent to them from Cuba:” Despite the repression, the violence, we Cuban women are against violence. We want a transition. We will continue fighting for the Cuban people to come out of this crisis.

In search of international support, Larrinaga has also declared that the Cuban fight is unequal and has denounced that there are external forces that seek to keep the situation unchanged: “We are not fighting alone against the Cuban government. Our fight is doubly serious: we fight against the government and against external forces that do not want all this to change. We need international support for this to change. It is the only thing we want from the countries of the world: support and recognition of our rights. With a sanitary cordon we would gain a lot ».

Response to international declarations

Finally, and in reference to international positions on the Cuban crisis, Elena Larrinaga wanted to warn of the current situation. «The European socialist parties are wrong in not condemning the Cuban regime as a dictatorship. Behind these means of support are other interests. The government must look at the deficit that Cuba has with Spain, it is understandable. But that is not the way. They won’t get anything because Cuban government is bankrupt».

“The Covid was the straw that broke the camel’s back, although the glass was already full”

Alejandro Gónzalez warns that Pedro Sánchez knows the situation in Cuba and sees it as “a joke” that the president defends that this is a problem that arises from Covid-19. «The Covid was the last straw, although the glass was already full. There are a number of things in Cuba that Sanchez knows about, that Sanchez says “this is the covid problem” is a joke. It is a question of a pandemic, yes, the pandemic of the Cuban government. “Larrinaga complements the director’s statements and defends that” the system failed “and urges to remember that the health crisis” has reached the whole world. “

Yaxys Cires has appealed to Pedro Sánchez, who must choose between the elite that has been in power for 60 years or “a new generation of Cubans who are the Cuba of the present and the Cuba of the future.”

Judicial independence:

Alejandro González has reported that they have already been tried ten cases without the right to defense. “We have a lawyer in Cuba who informs us that having a public defender is like not having a lawyer.” Likewise, and to understand the judicial situation on the island, he explained that “the one who accuses you, the one who defends you and the one who imprisons you is the same thing” and has declared that the sentences cannot be avoided. “We can not do anything, they will sanction them one year -as agreed by the regime- whoever defends it defends them. I was imprisoned for five years in Cuba, this works like this »

Yaxys Cires denounces that the right most violated in Cuba “is to have a judicial process with guarantees.” In this specific case, this is aggravated because the regime is applying a criminal procedure known as ‘direct attestation’, “That even the United Nations and the regime’s own Supreme Court have warned about the few guarantees it has.” Cires explains that this procedure allows the person to be sent to court without knowing what they are accused of, without a prepared lawyer – since they even have access to the file just 20 minutes before to be tried – and with fabricated witnesses in the absence of real evidence. The OCDH Director of Strategy recalled that “it is absurd to take a young woman for having shouted Patria y Vida. What they are doing from the legal point of view is outrageous.

“The policemen called us worms just for demonstrating peacefully. They laughed at you »

A lawyer practicing on the island, whose identity is unknown to avoid retaliation by the regime, has informed Alejandro González that today there will be summary trials in the special room where the processes for crimes against State Security are being carried out. The lawyer has confirmed that this Monday there were two trials, one to 12 people and another to 3, which means that massive lawsuits are taking place. The lawyer writes that “whoever is caught investigating, they put him in jail.”

To understand the seriousness of the situation, the director has shared an aStudy of a detainee by the Cuban regime Because of the demonstrations in which his statements can be heard: «There were many people dressed in military clothing, with dogs, they passed us into a corridor and then into a room where they put us in front of the wall, shoulder to shoulder with other detainees. The cops called us worms just for peacefully demonstrating. They laughed at you, we received many offenses, they beat you, they laughed if you cried, if you pissed. You don’t know when they take you somewhere else because they hit you on the head. ” Elena Larrinaga has denounced that “the testimonies of the detainees are heartbreaking, they are only seen in the movies“And has denounced that the regime is” taking minors – in Cuba the age of majority is set at 16 – from their homes, forced, to beat their own neighbors. The Cuban government is at war with its people, “he declared.

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