Wednesday, August 17

The cumbersome task of getting “big face” dollars in Argentina (and why people reject the “small face” ones)

  • Veronica Smink
  • BBC News World, Argentina

Glasses that enlarge the image of Benjamin Franklin's face on the $ 100 bill.

Image source, Getty Images


In Argentina the size of the face on the dollar bill determines its value.

Like so many other people around the world, in 2020, when the coronavirus quarantine began, Argentines Antonella Spampinato and Mariano Agüero decided they wanted to leave their apartment in the city and move with their 4-year-old son to the green suburbs of Buenos Aires.

For years they had been converting their savings to dollars, the currency used for real estate transactions in Argentina due to the weakness of the local currency, the peso, which suffers constant devaluations.

It was not easy to find a place in the coveted northern area of ​​the Buenos Aires suburbs.

But when they finally found him and it was time to pay for his new property, they found an unexpected problem.

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