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The dangerous dance of the republicans with Kanye West

A lapidary message was published and visible for two months on the profile of the Republican Party’s Justice Committee in the House of Representatives that wanted to exalt a new Trinitarian dogma in conservative politics in the United States: «Kanye. Elon. trump.” Now that hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans have spent the weekend removing Kanye West songs from their playlists; erasing tattoos with his face and his name from her skin, and recycling his brand of clothing, the tweet has finally been deleted. The Republican Party, however, remains immersed in an identity crisis, having to come out and clarify the obvious, that anti-Semitism is a cancer, and that supremacism has no possible place among its ranks. But the flirtation of Donald Trump himself with West and his hallucinogenic universe has given Democrats a reason, yet another, to come out and criticize the populist and radical drifts associated with the former president and his campaign to return to the White House in two years. What the African-American rapper West – who simply calls himself Ye – said on December 1 in a televised interview on the Internet would cost anyone their career. In Germany, in fact, they would even take him to prison. He said among other pearls that he admires Adolf Hitler, that he is fed up with criticizing the Nazis and that he is the victim of a global Jewish conspiracy. Later he posted on Twitter an image in which he merged the Star of David, the identity symbol of Judaism, with the Nazi swastika. West said in the on-set interview, done while wearing a full-face black mask: “Every human being has something of value, especially Hitler… Plus Hitler was born a Christian… This guy [Hitler], who invented highways, invented the same microphone that I use as a musician, can’t you say out loud that this person once did something good? Controversial friendships In other circumstances, this incendiary tirade by West, who suffers from bipolar disorder, would not have gone from being a scandalous note in gossip magazines, one more problem for his ex, Kim Kardashian, after he has been losing one by one the contracts that have made him a billionaire. Indeed, West made the remarks on an already extremist show directed and hosted by Alex Jones, an agitator convicted of lying about the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre of children. The problem is that West has cultivated a longstanding friendship with Trump until very recently. On November 22, on the eve of Thanksgiving, the rapper was invited by Trump to a dinner at Mar-a-Lago, his mansion in Florida. It wasn’t the first time the two had met. Trump had received him as president-elect in 2016 in his New York skyscraper, and had laid out the red carpet for him at the White House and the Oval Office two years later. To the dinner at Mar-a-Lago, West was also not alone: ​​he brought along Milo Yiannopoulos, an activist and provocateur blocked from social networks for, among other things, promoting pedophilia, and Nick Fuentes, a notorious and infamous anti-Semite, defender of supremacist and theocratic ideas. The latter was in fact with West as a partner in the television interview on the Alex Jones show, and he even managed to seem somewhat more moderate and up-to-date than the rapper. Kanye West, in a 2020 EP image Of that GOP tweet trinity, another member has stumbled upon his own issues related to this scandal. Elon Musk has owned Twitter since he bought it a little over a month ago for $44 billion. He took control of this platform with the idea of ​​safeguarding freedom of expression, in whose defense he defined himself as “absolutist.” One of his first decisions was to reinstate Trump’s account, which he has not said a word in it. And one of the following was not to ban West after he said in a message posted in early October that he was going to go into “‘death with 3’ mode against the Jewish people.” West was doubly wrong, it’s actually ‘defcon’, an acronym for ‘defense condition’, a term used to measure the level of readiness of the US military, and its maximum level is 1, and not 3, which is only slightly higher than in a situation of peace. West walked free on Twitter despite his blatant anti-Semitism, until Musk was left with no choice but to admit that his new filters had failed, and he shut down his profile over the recent swastika and cross post. David’s star. Criticism from the Democrats For the Democrats, who are already preparing for the presidential elections whose primary campaign begins in just over a year, the most relevant thing in this story is the association of the Republican Party, that of Lincoln and Reagan, with West and Musk, especially after Trump has refused to publicly criticize the anti-Semitism of the rapper or those he brought to a dinner at his own residence. Hakeem Jeffries, the new Democratic leader in the House, successor to Nancy Pelosi, stated this weekend that “Democrats have always rejected and will always reject intolerance in any of its forms. The unsubstantiated words, actions and conspiracy theories spewed out by the individual formerly known as Kanye West are hateful, historically inaccurate and disgusting.” The dinner in question, and the debacle of the West interview, has also allowed the White House to distance itself, and set the tone for what may end up being the reissue of the duel between Biden and Trump in the 2024 elections. According to Karine Jean-Pierre, spokesperson for the presidency, “when you say things like this, when you don’t speak out against these kinds of poisonous and dangerous comments or representations, if you will, that’s also incredibly dangerous in itself.” The African-American vote West, who ran for president in an illogical and inconsistent fashion in 2020 and will try again in 2024, seemed more like a solution than a problem for Republicans just a few years ago. The African-American vote was mainly Democratic, like the bulk of movie and music stars. And there was one of the most brilliant and successful rappers in history, with twenty Grammy Awards to his credit, a born provocateur with millions of followers around the world, embracing if not Republicanism, at least Trumpism. As Trump himself proclaimed at a rally in April 2018: “Kanye West gets it. When he sees that with us, African-American unemployment is the lowest in history, he realizes it. That is something very important that he has done for his legacy, it is something very important ». With this presidential blessing, a good part of the new Republican Party felt free to embrace the rapper, even if his proclamations were increasingly extemporaneous. An activist linked to Trump, who organized several events with young African-Americans in the White House, Candace Owens, has been seen with him on the catwalks, inserting political messages in the shows mounted by West, who is also a fashion designer. Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the most influential voice in conservative circles today, sat down with him for a lengthy, laudatory interview. Later it was learned that he had to edit it to remove various anti-Semitic rants. And finally came the message on Twitter from the Republicans in the House, which, given West’s drift, has already become ammunition for a presidential primary in which, for now, and despite everything, Trump remains the undisputed favorite.

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