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The dangers for the engine of your car of one of the most recommended tricks to reduce consumption

Many people tend to go at low revolutions with their car to prevent consumption from skyrocketing. This has a positive impact on our portfolio, since the tank of our vehicle lasts longer, but it has devastating effects on the engines.

With gasoline at historic highs, despite the direct aid of 20 cents that they are giving from the Government, the logical thing is that drivers who take the car every day practice efficient driving.

This efficient driving is what allows us to save a few euros a week on fuel, as it seeks to minimize consumption per kilometer traveled. Here are the best tips to lower the average of your car.

Well, this driving is not bad at all, especially at the moment when filling a tank costs twice as much as it did a year and a half ago. And 50% more than just 10 months ago. But we have to know that you have its disadvantages.

As our colleagues at Autobild explain, driving at low revs has its drawbacksespecially if we always drive at low revolutions to save as much as possible on each displacement.

Why is it a bad idea to abuse low-rev driving? The fact of having to press the accelerator a lot to make it respond causes the engine to drown, to which must be added the large amount of vibrations that occur at low revs, which affects many components.

But, let’s go with the three major problems that arise from driving at low revs, according to the mechanics who deal with this type of breakdown in the workshops:

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1º The EGR valve can be damaged. This is responsible for the recirculation of gases, allowing part of the exhaust to return to the intake to carry out combustion with less oxygen, thus producing less nitrogen oxide (NOX).

When driving at low speeds for too long, the EGR is open longer, allowing recirculation to take place and, as combustion is not at such high temperatures, a lot of soot is produced which can eventually collapse completely.

electric car battery recharge time

What is more expensive now, recharging an electric car or refueling a diesel?

2º The same happens with the anti-particle filter (FAP), which has one of its worst enemies in the soot caused by this type of combustion. His job is to trap the particles and burn them to regenerate and eliminate them.

However, when they are produced in large quantities, they accumulate in excess, they cannot carry out their function well and end up getting clogged. This causes the system to detect it and carry out more active regenerations, which also increases fuel consumption.

3º Finally, the low revolutions of the engine cause important vibrations that can affect many mechanical components, causing premature wear and malfunctions in elements such as cylinders.

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