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The day a meteorite went through the roof of a house in Canada and landed on a woman’s bed

Ruth Hamilton, a 66-year-old Canadian who lives in the city of Golden, in the state of British Columbia, was spared the impact of a meteorite that broke the roof of his house and fell on his bedwhile she was sleeping.

It was 11:35 p.m. on October 3, 2021 when the unexpected event occurred. The woman, who was sound asleep at the time, woke up suddenly and in shock after hearing what she said sounded like an explosion.

Hamilton thought that some construction artifacts or trees around him had fallen on his house. However, it was when he called the emergency services that he realized he had a gray rock on his bed, specifically in between your pillows.

A meteorite in bed

“I have never been so scared in my life. I wasn’t sure what to do so I called 911 and when I was talking to the operator I turned my pillow over and I saw that a rock had slipped between two pillowsHamilton said.

The meteor broke through the roof of his house and landed near his pillow. (Photo: Ruth Hamilton/Twitter)

According to scientists, authorities and other witnesses, that night a meteor shower was taking place over the skies of western Canada. Some claimed to have seen two balls of fire and heard two great roars.

It was after the arrival of the police officers, who had already been notified about these noises, that they managed to realize that what had landed on Hamilton’s bed was a meteorite.

It was confirmed that it was a meteorite “from an asteroid”. (Photo: Ruth Hamilton/Twitter)

Researchers confirmed the veracity of the meteorite

The space object, which is about the size of a large fist and weighs 1.27 kg, was later analyzed by Peter Brown of the University of Western Ontario, who confirmed that it was a meteorite “from an asteroid”. Brown added that the chances of experiencing such a situation are one in 100,000 million.

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Out of the hole left in the roof of his house, and he couldn’t sleep all night, Hamilton was completely unharmed in the incident.Hey said all he did was take a shower to get the dust off the drywall ceiling.

“I was in shock and sat here for a few hours shaking. The chances of that happening are very small, so I’m very grateful to be alive.”

The meteorite was “lent” by the Canadian so that researchers can analyze it in greater detail. However, Hamilton assured that he wants to keep it, since it fell on his property. The fate of the rock will be determined in the coming months.

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