Monday, January 25

The day fools conspired in the Capitol

Washington Correspondent



The view from the head of Pennsylvania Avenue was worthy of the end of time, from tothat sci-fi movie in which Michael York he escaped from I don’t know what futuristic prison and ended up in a ruined Washington. Upon reaching the Capitol, he found it demolished and inhabited only by cats and a ragged old man who spoke of an apocalypse that has already passed. That hecatomb could well have come Wednesday evening, when a mob climbed the scaffolding in front of the imposing marble dome, covered in thick smoke, with small fires everywhere. The screams mingled with the police sirens. People, disoriented, walked in the middle of the road, some running with the malicious gesture of a child who has just smashed the vase with the ball and has hidden the shatters under the carpet.

Two gigantic flags hung from the balconies of the building’s main staircase, but they weren’t American flags, they were flags that read “TRUMP”. Four people had already died in this assault on Wednesday, according to the police later to say. Just at that same point, four years ago, President Trump himself was sworn in and promised to end the “American massacre.”

The fauna that had managed to subdue the police, forcing the evacuation of the vice president, 100 senators and 435 deputies, it was really varied. Guys dressed in camouflage as if they were about to arrest Bin Laden in Pakistan were walking with families with children, all wearing the red cap that Trump has made famous.

Broken glass

Of those thousands of protesters, only an exclusive group, already free of any inhibition, set the goal of entering the Capitol, and achieved it by breaking windows, jumping through them and strolling through the solemn corridors and the sober rooms as if it were that the arrival of the maidan at the mansion of the Ukrainian president in 2014.

The elite of this confederation of fools he managed to storm the Senate chamber, shouting “Long live Trump,” some with a gun at his waist and one with a bunch of plastic handcuffs, as if preparing to take hostages. The first to arrive, who got off the hook from the press stands on an upper floor, immediately sat in the vice president’s chair and posed for a selfie after shouting “Trump has won.”

It can be said that inside the Capitol came the crème de la crème of a movement radicalized by populism and firmly convinced of the usefulness of escraches, detours to congress, and popular assault on institutions. Everyone with their flags — American, Confederate, Trumpists — infiltrated the halls with their bulletproof vests, helmets, and combat boots. They forced office doors, opened cabinets, moved furniture, took documents. A guy who walked into the office of Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi He sat down at a desk and put his feet on the table. Another wandered around in an anti-Semitic sweater that read “Camp Auschwitz,” plus other neo-Nazi paraphernalia. A third put a Trump cap and flag on a statue of President Gerald Ford. The murals of Columbus were saved, although several pieces of furniture were destroyed.

In short, as extravagant and grotesque as this group was, the terror infused by the horde in the seat of the legislature and the capital of the first world power was enormous. It was the demonstration that without the necessary security measures even the most ridiculous squad can wreak havoc. The bad thing for them is that now the The FBI is looking for them, and they were so gullible as to broadcast absolutely everything on social networks with their phones. If they are not held accountable, it will be for staggering incompetence, or some other reason worthy of a conspiracy theory.

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