Tuesday, September 21

The day Messi caught up with Pelé

In time there will be talk of the day when Messi equaled Skin. Or the day he surpassed it, which should happen sooner rather than later, no matter how much the records of the Argentine ‘crack’ this season are far from the figures we are used to, and his average has dropped alarmingly in the recent times (0.53 goals on average compared to 0.73 goals last year or 1.02 goals two ago). The time will come when records will be updated, trajectories will be compared, the debate will open again on what position the Barça star occupies in the Olympus of footballers in relation to ‘The king’. But this doesn’t seem like the best time. Not after the Barça will miss another two points of the Camp Nou in the visit of the Valencia (2-2) and remain immersed in a deep soccer depression, in terms of determination, play and generation of opportunities.

There is no way that Barça can chain a positive streak, that it is capable of generating hope. That it transmits consistency. That, at least, it is regular. This Saturday was a good opportunity to rejoin the League, an open door to chain three positive results after the victories against the Real society and the I raised. A way of sticking your head up high on the board and stroking the area Champions the setting you should consider your home. But the vital signs of the draft Koeman They do not invite optimism for now, as we are already in the month of December. Griezmann and Coutinho they accumulate days and still do not appear in the version that is expected. Disappointment increases when the view is directed towards the stands, from where the injured follow the games Piqué, Ansu Fati and Dembélé. And the green shoots, at the individual level, are minimal: Araujo, Pedri Dest.

This collective mood slump, surely, is closely related to that of Messi, who is not seen enjoying football as he used to, no matter how hard he tries and tries to drag his teammates. The goal with which he crossed another of the doors of history, 643 with the shirt of the same club, and that equals the scoring record of Skin with the Saints, will leave a bittersweet aftertaste for the new collective setback and good proof of this is that he barely celebrated it and after finishing the game he kept a discreet silence about the achievement.

At the second chance

The goal will not occupy a place among the ‘highlights’ of his career. That without a doubt. It came after a debatable penalty from Gayà a Griezmann, an action in which the Valencian defender pushed the French forward in the race, when he tried to reach a ball inside the area. The Canarian collegiate Hernandez Hernandez He did not hesitate and signaled a penalty and the red card to Gayà, although after reviewing the action, he rectified and left it in yellow. Messi He executed the maximum penalty to the left of the Valencian goalkeeper, who, after kneeling before the Argentine shot, sensed the shot and deflected it. But the rejection reached the area of Sunrise that tempered a center that found the head of the Argentine forward. At the second chance, Messi he sent the ball to the back of the net, leaving a new snapshot for posterity.

It may interest you

Skin he reached 643 goals between 1957 and 1974, that is, in 17 seasons, in a total of 757 games. Messi has achieved that figure in 748 games and 16 years, between 2004 and 2020. And long ago he left behind Barça legends such as Paulino Alcantara (369 goals) or Cesar Alcantara (232) and continues with the fuse of ambition lit, trying to rediscover happiness.


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