Monday, November 29

The day that ‘shark’ Acosta put Mazarrón on the map

  • The young man from Murcia, who made his World Championship debut at the age of 16 and has won the title, has become one of the great stars of the motorcycling world championship

  • The ‘Mazarrón shark’ starred in an unprecedented and spectacular walk around the ring at the Cheste circuit, greeting the more than 75,000 fans who cheered him

There are those who think that both Pedro Acosta, brand new Moto3 world champion, What Raul Fernandez, spectacular Moto2 world runner-up behind his teammate, the Australian Remy gardnerThey are two chulitos. Nothing is further from reality. They are two young men, very young, debutants in their categories, who have caused the admiration of the whole world and who, of course, have become the two pilots, together with Jorge Martin, with more future of the ‘paddock’ of the Motorcycle World Championship.

Acosta is cheerful, has self-confidence, has fun and knows that, in addition to running, he must give a show. Hence his light-hearted, loose, funny statements, which can imply that he is a little excess and it is not true, no. Acosta, known as the ‘Mazarrón shark’, raised by the sea, from a family of fishermen, has put his fishing village on the world sport map.

Everyone already knows where Mazarrón is. By now everyone knows that the fishermen’s guild has helped him become the second youngest world champion in history. What’s more, he is not the youngest for 24 hours, for a day, because the Italian Loris Capirossi He was 17 years and 165 days old.

Around the ring

Acosta wants to have fun and amuse racing fans. For this reason, last Sunday, when he collided with the Italian Dennis Foggia and ruined his career in Cheste (he was already champion, there was no problem), he went around the circuit on foot, greeting everyone, sharing with 76,226 fans to have been the true revelation of the season. Acosta, like a successful bullfighter, raised the fans from the stands, who did not stop throwing dozens and dozens of objects onto the track, onto the arena, for them to sign. Acosta signed them, even a shark signed! and gave them back to the fans.

Acosta has a sense of showmanship, that’s why he accepted, a lot of months ago, the offer that KTM offered him to take the leap, already in his second year in the World Championship, 17 races after debuting among the ‘kings’, to race , next season in Moto2. “Here (in Moto3), I no longer have anything to learn and, furthermore, my body has grown and I must take the leap now.” And Acosta will test the Kalex-KTM this week. And he will start a new journey in search of his consolidation in the World Championship, burning stages until he reaches MotoGP.

Spectacular debut

This young man from Murcia has just learned that the sports center of his town, Mazarrón, will be Pedro Acosta Sports Center. “I want that in most of Spain there is a town called Mazarrón, located at one end of the Community of Murcia, where a new world champion was born. A town in which I started with 50 fans, all fishermen, then it had 500 and now almost the entire town ”, the ‘shark’ recently pointed out.

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Acosta remembers that Marc Márquez, the largest, it took 33 grands prix to claim his first World Cup victory. The ‘shark’ achieved it, in Qatar, in his second race. “And, in that victory, I started from the ‘pir lane’, as Marc did in Estoril, and I can assure you that it is not easy to overcome 22 positions”.

The boy who has admired the world is looking forward to returning to his hometown after the premiere of Moto2 to celebrate, in a big way, his conquest. “I want to continue dreaming, I want to continue dragging people from my land to see me on television or accompany me on some circuits to enjoy all together.”

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