Saturday, December 9

The day Word gave two answers: Talking Tech podcast

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Hey there listeners. It’s Brett Molina. Welcome back to Talking Tech. Before we start this episode, I want to provide a spoiler warning. It’s related to Wordle. We’re going to give away the answers for Wednesday, March 30th puzzle. Now I understand you’re listening to you list on a Thursday morning and the odds of you being able to do this puzzle aren’t that big. If you go to the Wordle archive website, you might be able to do this puzzle. I’m covering all my bases here. I don’t want listeners or readers coming to me mad because I spoiled the Wordle puzzle that they were trying to do and they couldn’t do. Just as an extra precaution, I’m going to say spoiler alert. I’m going to give away the answers for Wordle puzzle number 284. I repeat 284. This is the one that ran on Wednesday, March 30th.

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