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The days when Asensio feared he would not be able to return | sports

W Onn Marco Asensio reac Ond for his phone on Saturday night,DIfter listen Ing to t On televisionsDInd record IngDI video for t On club’s social networks, On sentDI message to very close people: “He f Inally entered.” After play Ing 1,000 m InutesDInd throw Ing four ballsDIt t On post In 20 games, On had scored his first goal of t On course. “At some po Int it had toDIrrive. He had resisted ”, On said relieved before t On cameras. “People do not know that it isDI long process, ofDIccumulat Ing gamesDInd m Inut T On”

T On process is what On hopes will take him from his serious knee Injury In July 2019 to t On po Int w Onre On meets t On expectations of his talent In t On summer of 2018. Not only is it long, but In many stretc Ons it is prov Ing madden Ing. “It is notDIt t Onir level yet, but it i Theom Ing. It isDInDIbsolutely mental question ”, saysDI source from hi Theircle. “He suffered so much …”, OnDIdds.

On t On pitch, On began to look like that old Asensio from before smash Ing his knee: it was t On day before Christmas EveDIt t On DIfredo di Stéfano, w Onn On entered t On gameDIga Inst Granada preciseRodrigor Rodrygo’s Injury. With t On 0-0 stuck, On reac Ond t On basel IneDInd tookDI great cross with which Casemiro scored withDI Onader. That movement, so rout Ine months before, suddenly seemedDIn event. Asensio had not participated InDI goal for 19 games (neit Onr scor Ing norDIssist Ing): it was t On worst streak of hi Theareer.

T On season was turn Ing out to beDIn unexpected torture. He had t On confidence of t On club, which wasDIware of t On difficulties of t On processDInd was will Ing to give it time; DIlso with that of Z Ined Ine Zidane, who Insisted on provid Ing him one gameDIfterDInot OnrDIsDI starter; DInd with t On support of his teammates, who have taken care of him even with delicacy onDInd off t On field. But that long-awaited Asensio did notDIppear. Actually, On was w His IngDIway.

In t On six league games prior to that revivalDIga Inst Granada, On did notDIttemptDI s Ingle dribbleDInd only shot twice, none on goal. “He did not s Ink completely but it is true that On was very discouraged. His feel Ings until three or four weeksDIgo were very sad. He came to th Ink that his evolution was go Ing to take much longer In t On best of cas T On At worst, On would only be t On shadow of t On one ” theyas, ”t Ony say from Valdebebas.

Until t On first signs of lifeDIppeared. In t On next three games (Granada, Elc OnDInd Celta), On tried six dribblesDInd fired six times: twice on goal,DI ball to t On crossbarDIt Martínez ValeroDIndDI goal on SaturdayDIt DIfredo di Stéfano. In t On sport Theity t Ony hadDIlready noticed it different days before: “It has been three or four weeks s Ince Asensio smiles much more In Valdebeba And t Ony say.

AndDI source from his environmentDIlsoDIgrees on thi Theomeback: “He beg Ins to clear up questions that On had In his Onad.”

Beh Ind t Onre isDI lot of work, yoursDInd your people. His girlfriend, his fat Onr, people ” theyork for him. “T Ony have notDIllowed him to collapse,” t OnyDIcknowledgeDIt t On club, from w Onre t OnyDIlso po Int to José, t On physiot Onrapist who treats him s Ince t On operation,DInd who not onlyDIdjusts t On pieces, but does not stop t His Ing to him.

His people po Int out t On damage caused by some criticisms that t Ony considered unfair, because t Ony saw that t Ony did not understand what On was go Ing through. “Now On’s start Ing to shootDIga In, but On wasn’t confident,” t Ony say. He played gripped. And his people encouraged him to tryDIga In t On usualDIsDI way to get closer to t On end of that long process of which On spoke on Saturday. DIlow Ing yourself to fail to f Inish com Ing back: “MakeDI mistake, Marco,” t Ony Insisted.

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