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The debate on the state of the province: with the focus on the Community rather than Alicante

There were many expectations that the first debate on the state of the province that the Diputación was facing would highlight the needs that Alicante has and they will give solutions. In short, it was a constructive debate. Nothing could be further from the truth. All political groups decided to focus their interventions on the management of another administration: the Generalitat. PP and Cs to criticize her and accuse the Botanist of being responsible for the province’s weaknesses, especially in terms of investment Y sanitary, yel PSOE and Commitment to praise the policies put in place by the tripartite ruling in the Palau. Thus, the debate on the state of the province was rather the state of the Community. However, the president of the provincial institution, Carlos Mazon, it did affect the defense of the transfer Tajo-Segura, in the systematic mistreatment of this province and, for example, in the neglect in the distribution of aid by the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI) dependent on the Consell.

Mazón began this first debate on the state of the province with an intervention by 15 minutes from the grandstand, which almost doubled. He did not spare criticism of the autonomic management in matters such as health, lamenting the reversal of the Torrevieja Hospital or the collapse in Alcoy, the threat of the tourist tax being imposed, the lack of social housing or the financing reform, crossing out of “Tocomocho” the minister’s document Maria Jesus Montero. «The data is devastating, shameful for this Council, and there is not the slightest interest in reversing this situation, “he denounced, while expressing his desire to be the next president of the Generalitat“What I’m getting close to,” he said, referring to the latest polls.

Mazón emphasized two key issues in the province, such as the Tajo-Segura and the subsidies given by the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI). After making a fierce defense of the transfer and reproaching Ximo Puig for his little pressure on the Government against its cut, he focused on “discrimination”, he said, to the province, and put the accent on aid to universities, researchers and companies Alicante by the AVI. Thus, he stressed that, of the 52.3 million distributed this year, only 8.8 went to the province. “Puig will know what he owes García Reche – AVI executive vice president – to keep him in his post,” the president of the Provincial Council stressed.

It would not take long for the opposition to reproach him for speaking more as the leader of the PPCV than as president of the provincial institution and, as “opposition to the Consell”, the PSOE spokesman, Toni Francés, criticized that he was “further afield, in Valencia”. what .. here. While the spokesman for Compromís, Gerard Fullana, called the debate “illegitimate” in the sense of accusing Carlos Mazón of promoting presidentialism in an institution that is not the government of the province and wanting to stage his “provincial power.”

However, far from centering the debate in the province, the opposition also put the accent on the Botànic government, in its case to take out its policies against those of past popular governments. Francés highlighted the economic and social measures implemented by the Consell and defended its health management. “Imagine this crisis in the hands of the PP,” he said. Fullana, for his part, recalled the reduction in tax burdens on families and SMEs by the Botànic. “The state of tax justice has improved a lot in Alicante,” he said. While the Cs spokesman, Javier Gutiérrez, stressed that the entry into the government of the Diputación has given “the necessary stability” to the institution and, like its partner the PP, also criticized Puig’s management, in this case, for the high rate of poverty in autonomy, which was 29.3%.

Carlos Mazón kept an announcement for the end of his speech. The Provincial Council will allocate in 2022 more than 87 million euros to extraordinary investments thanks to the remaining treasury, almost 30 more than what was announced a few days ago. Thus, once they are incorporated into the budget, about 360 million euros will be mobilized next year, the highest figure in the history of the provincial institution. Among the main actions and projects that will be undertaken through what has been called the Special Investment and Aid Plan, the + Cerca Plan will be reissued with 30 million, while the + Sports and + Water plans will have 5 million each. On the other hand, there will be 9.7 million in the fight against covid, 4.9 million for the Social Infrastructure Plan, and 9 to reactivate the economy of the province. The Economic Development and Productive Sectors Area will also contribute 2.5 million remainders to the Cooperation Plan for Tourist Municipalities.

The spokespersons of the different groups of the Provincial Council toasted this Tuesday with the journalists who usually cover the information of the provincial institution. All agreed in wishing the return to “normality” after these almost two years of pandemic. And they made a promise: “We politicians will behave better in 2022.”

Toast with journalists Return to normality as I wish | INFORMATION

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