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The decrease in contagion relaunches the university Erasmus

In the University of Alicante the whole tortilla has been turned around with respect to the current course data, to the point that the forecast for the first semester of the next academic year is that the number of university students who have confirmed their student stay in other countries will multiply by six.

The data provided by the UA reveal that 468 students will go to study in Europe during the first semester of next year, far from the 78 who did so in the same period of time this year.

The main destinations chosen are the United Kingdom, Poland, France, Germany and Italy. Specifically, 70 university students are going to the United Kingdom next year, compared to the dozen who left this year; 74 students leave for Poland when 25 have left this year; Another 69 are going to France and only 5 have left this year; 62 will move to Germany compared to 21 this year; Another 42 will go to Italy and 22 have left this year.

At the University of Alicante they say they do not have proof that their European partners request a vaccine certificate


The figures give an idea of ​​the drastic change experienced in the evolution of the pandemic, which has encouraged students to jump back into the European adventure. The 490 UA students who together will move to other countries in the first semester of next year are also triple those who did so in previous years, when there was no trace of a pandemic.

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Specifically, and always according to the data provided by the vice-chancellor’s office, in the 2018-2019 academic year the Erasmus students of the first semester totaled 167, although after the course the total mobility reached 519 students, less in any case than 627 that next year they have signed up in total for the European program.

With respect to this course that ends, those who are going to leave the next one double the 316 that finally appear in the mobility lists, after having resigned about a hundred.


From the vice-rector’s office they specify about the possible covid measures implemented in the destination countries that, at least to date, «we have no record of any of our European partners asking for some kind of vaccination certificate to accept our students.

At the University of Alicante they say they do not have proof that their European partners request a vaccine certificate


The University of Alicante also has the forecast of the current vaccination calendar, according to which “the vaccination of university students is effectively scheduled for the third quarter of the year.” If the prophylactic measure is carried out as initially planned, all university students who are going to leave Erasmus could go to the rest of European countries immunized against covid-19, although it is not required from the receiving countries either.

The University of Alicante points out this situation in line with the concern that the rector of the University of Valencia has transferred to the Ministries of Education and Health, as well as to the two homonymous ministries, in the face of possible mobility measures adopted by European countries and that could affect the students of the Erasmus + program and destinations.

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Mavi Mestre affirms in a video that he has transferred to the university community, that “some university has asked that, to accept students, they have to be vaccinated”, in view of the lack of evidence in this regard at the University of Alicante.

The rector of Valencia also wonders, as seen in the video and in this case addressing the students, about «what will happen if you are not vaccinated when you start your stay, who will vaccinate you if you are outside your territory? when?”.

In principle, from the state body Sepi, in charge of student mobility, it is stated that the status of Erasmus students will be subject to the conditions established for travel by the general population.

Students need to know the measures in this regard in advance, because the procedures to be able to leave for Erasmus next year are carried out between the months of May and June.

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