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The defenses of Castedo and Alperi reject that the PGOU had a reserved character

Ignacio Gally with former mayor Sonia Castedo upon arrival at the Hearing.

Ignacio Gally with the former mayor Sonia Castedo upon arrival at the Hearing.
Hector Fuentes

The defenses of the former mayors of Alicante, Luis Díaz Alperi and Sonia Castedo, have rejected this morning in their reports of conclusions that the revision work of the General Plan was reserved and that they were public data for all interested citizens. In any case, they have denied that the two exregidores leaked privileged information to the promoter Enrique Ortiz, as well as the alleged gifts and gifts allegedly received from him.

Sonia Castedo’s lawyer, Ignacio Gally, has assured in his report of conclusions on the alleged mischief of the PGOU that the Justice has already ruled on the merits of this matter when it filed the Rabasa case: the order of the magistrate who dismissed him and his subsequent confirmation by the Hearing. “The facts fit temporarily, the investigations are carried out by the police themselves, the crimes of which they are accused coincide”, he said, to which he added that the accusations “have been lost and they have not been able to see the essential facts ”.

Gally has pointed out that in the case there is no evidence that the former mayor of Alicante revealed any confidential information about the future urban planning of the city, but that in any case the revision work of the General Plan was not reserved either. In his opinion, the Valencian Urban Planning Law provides that this type of work be public and anyone interested can have access to them. “The drafters themselves of the general plans have said that these meetings were necessary,” he stressed because in a revision work of the PGOU “it cannot be done from a ballot box and those responsible have to meet with the development agents if they want to close a good plan”. In this sense, he reiterated that “not advertising was a commitment of Jesús Quesada with respect to the City Council.” At this point, he stressed that the Court had already left this matter touched when the case for this architect was dismissed. The lawyer stressed that there was no pressure to favor the business interests of Enrique Ortiz and the plan had the favorable reports of the technicians.

The lawyer has highlighted that the Police did not receive the order to interpret what is said in the wiretaps and that “everything is based on assumptions and hunch, without any evidence to support it.” “Everything Ortiz says in conversations is taken for granted, but it may also be that he is not telling the truth when he speaks. What if he was bluffing? He is a businessman who is dedicated to the sale of land and to attract his investors he has to say what his interlocutors want to hear ”, he asserted.

Although he has denied the existence of bribery, Gally has stressed that if it existed it would be an improper bribery, that gift that is made to the authority based on his position, and therefore would be prescribed. The defense has insisted that Castedo paid out of pocket and in cash for the two trips to Andorra in the company of Enrique Ortiz’s family and considered “a somersault without a net” the conclusions of the Police when he said that the money was paid by the promoter without proof. The same would happen to his understanding with the Mini Cooper that according to the accusations received a close friend of the former mayor for his birthday. “The witness wasted sincerity and spontaneity when she came here with the bank book in hand, saying that she had paid for it.” Regarding the trip to Ibiza on the businessman’s yacht, he stressed that Castedo did not attend as mayor. “It was the trip of a group of friends and it was part of their private life,” he said. According to Gally, the trip was going to be made yes or yes by Enrique Ortiz and therefore it cannot be considered a gift. “That a friend invites you to his house for a weekend cannot be considered a lease”! He has said and has dismissed the expert reports that valued these trips at more than 240,000 euros.

For his part, the defense of Alperi, Vicente Grima, has also denied the alleged gifts received by Alperi and has stressed that he ceased to be mayor of Alicante in September 2008. The defense has rejected that Ortiz was the person who paid the bungalows of the daughters of the exalalde, noting that a documentary is provided that both bought the houses with a mortgage. “They pay regularly and it is documented where the payments came from,” he said. Grima has called “argumentative fallacies” some of the conclusions of the Police, recalling that the third of the former mayor’s children was evicted from those same houses because he did not pay the rent. He also recalled that, according to the accusatory theses, another of Alperi’s daughters would have bought his bungalow two years after Ortiz’s money extractions were investigated by the Police.

Much of the report has focused on attacking the testimony of businessman Ricardo Fuster, who paid for the trip to Crete in a private jet from Díaz Alperi and later received the money from Ortiz. Grima pointed out that this witness had had spurious motives to maintain that it was Ortiz who paid for the trip, since with that statement he was no longer charged in this case. He also stressed that throughout the entire process he had kept changing versions and questioned the invoice in which he had documented the operation. Grima has rejected that the 30,000 euros that Ortiz would have contributed to Otto Díaz to form a company is a gift, since that money was a loan. “Then Alperi was no longer mayor,” he said. The same would happen with the works of the building that the promoter helped the former mayor’s son finish, where “the works are not quantified and there were only four bricks for the sidewalks and to help him with the administrative process.” Similarly, he stressed that another alleged delivery of 60,000 euros at his house was for other friends of his, Luis Solana, “something that appears even in conversations.”

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