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The definitive products to make the oven like new in a simple way

Cleaning the oven is probably the most cumbersome in the kitchen after use. For this, the oven cleaners.

Both for the remains that may remain inside the dishes prepared and for the complicated access to all corners of the kiln.

It is because of that a good specific cleaner it is very useful to facilitate this task.

That the breadth of the catalog is very wide complicates the choice even more. In this comparative We will try to facilitate it.

What characteristics do oven cleaners have

The composition of these cleaners includes mostly products abrasive chemicals to corrode dirt, debris that sticks inside and stains.

That is to say, they are almost all toxic and must be managed, consequently, with great care.

They are intended for leave them for a few hours so that dirt comes out more easily.

Some products demand ventilation and it doesn’t even hurt to wear face protection.

Efficient and easy to use: HG 138050130

Efficient and easy to use: HG 138050130

With Cautions: Mr Muscle

With Cautions: Mr Muscle

An option with strong chemical components, and therefore effective, but which requires a series of precautions such as protect skin and eyes well and do not let it get too hot as it can burst.

Taken these precautions, it is a cleanser of small size (300 ml) and very cheap that extracts dirt very well after a period of rest and the subsequent passing of a cloth.

The convenient thing is spray the oven and close it, open the windows and come back after a reasonable time to finish the task.

If there dirt It has been accumulated for a long time, it will take more than one application for the result to be satisfactory.

Even the result is correct if it is done cold.

Big a lo pack: Amway

Big a lo pack: Amway

Above the characteristics of its chemical components, this alternative stands out for its size.

A pack of three units gel, with brush included, half a liter each.

Of course, it is more expensive for the amount it offers, but it is more or less above the average of the range.

Good capacity to soften accumulated dirt without rubbing too hard.

Good result in enameled ovens, either gas or electric, simple application and strong in chemical components, which requires, we do not insist more, a series of precautions.

Comfortable and versatile: Stanhome

Comfortable and versatile: Stanhome

A little cleanser that gives good result on burned fat and acts quite quickly.

Its application is done through compact foam that adheres very well to the walls of the oven and melts the dirt.

It is very easy to apply and also gives good results in other utensils such as the bases of containers such as pots or pans or for barbecues.

Complete Kit: WoldoClean

Complete Kit: WoldoClean

An alternative that adds as a differential fact that it is a complete kit that includes the oven cleaner, brush and cloth to complete the cleaning process.

Good size with its half liter, gel application and components strong chemicals with an odor that, despite this, is presented as tolerable.

Very versatile in the kitchen since, in addition to ovens, you can guarantee the cleaning of the hood or microwave.

Forms of application

They are presented in formulas of spray, gel and cream.

In the case of spray, it is the most convenient alternative to reach areas that are difficult to access.

In any case, if they are of good quality, their effectiveness has nothing to do with the modes of application.

What types are there

  • soft: If you are especially sensitive, for reasons of skin or smell, it is more convenient to opt for this type of cleanser. There are them on the market that are quite efficient without irritating the skin, eyes or giving off a strong odor.
  • Powerful: They are usually the most powerful with the risks that the previous ones do not have. They contain very strong chemical components that, yes, eliminate the most difficult stains.
  • Natural: Among these we can highlight white vinegar or bicarbonate with vinegar. Even lemon can be added to this list as long as the dirt to be removed is not excessive.
  • Artificial: Those mentioned in the first place, whether they are soft or strong, and the most effective for a thorough cleaning.

How to use oven cleaners

  1. Read the instructions before the first application

  2. Open windows to ensure good ventilation
  3. Of course use gloves and even goggles

  4. Remove the grids and clean them apart. If they are not very dirty they can even be put in the dishwasher

  5. Apply the cleaner and scrub it without too much intensity, but evenly

  6. Leave it a weather, even for several hours. For example, do it at night and leave it until the next morning

  7. Rinse the parts where the cleaner has been applied and revise if necessary

What to keep in mind


We have already distinguished soft and strong depending on the components.

As a specific aspect, one of the most common components in forts is sodium hydroxide, a strong substance that can damage the skin.


You have to make sure that the oven you have is compatible with all cleaners based on their chemical ingredients.

Some of the so-called self-cleaning models do not tolerate some components.

In a self-cleaning oven the only difference is that the water used to generate steam is poured into a compartment specially designed for it.

With the heat of the oven and the generation of steam, the most encrusted fat peels off the walls in a matter of minutes.

Easy to use

Linked to the aforementioned application modes. Gel, foam or spray.

It is about looking for the one that is most manageable.

The most recommended are those with which you do not have contact, but are applied to the surface and allowed to act.


What takes time to act may be secondary if, for example, something very advisable is done such as applying it and leave it overnight to go over it in the morning.

The times given by the manufacturers are much shorter, but if it can be done that way, the better.


If possible, and there are options, choose an alternative that does not have a strong or unpleasant odor.

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