Sunday, August 7

The Del Nido show

  • Sevilla shareholders approve the accounts of President José Castro and reject the cessation of the council that the former president tried

  • Del Nido, protagonist at the meeting: “Let the notary public take note, he is not letting me vote”

The Sevilla FC general shareholders’ meeting approved this Tuesday the annual accounts of the entity by 54% of the votes and rejected a dismissal of the current board of directors in an assembly, held at the Palacio de Congresos in the Andalusian capital, where the former president Jose Maria del Nido was the protagonist. A show is expected of him and he met expectations.

The 192 shareholders who participated in the meeting, a total of 2,506 represented (88.27% of the capital), lived a turbulent afternoon, full of interruptions that began from the very constitution of the table. Del Nido, who had been assuring for days that he will return to the club “yes or yes”, used the regulations to begin his protests.

The current president, Jose castro, withdrew the floor on several occasions and threatened his expulsion after Del Nido reiterated the illegality of the board. Several of the members who support him did the same asking for the “nullity” of the meeting. The meeting continued its course and ended up being a ‘match ball’ saved by Castro.

Business growth

The person in charge of presenting the first items on the agenda, relating to the club’s accounts, was the general manager José María Cruz, who confirmed the increase in the turnover to 170.7 million euros, as well as the decrease in the results from disposals and other income.

“The total ordinary and extraordinary income is 192.9 million, compared to the 228.7 million of the previous one. The growth in the turnover is significant, but also the decrease in the results from disposals due to the fall in the last two transfer markets, “he summed up.

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The cost of the registrable workforce is somewhat higher and the cost of depreciation plus costs for transfers is very similar to the previous year. In total, income goes from 172 million to 164 million, which gives, before taxes, 39.1 million, which becomes 41.3 million after taxes, “said Cruz, who specified that 27 million of those 39 , 1 are “direct effect of COVID”.

Protests of the former leader

In one of the votes, the sector represented by Del Nido decided to abstain. “I want to show that my right to vote is curtailed in a general meeting, that enough votes are curtailed to overturn the proposal of the board that will approve it without my vote and that consequently I propose to all the grouped shareholders that abstain on this point, “Del Nido said before the vote.

Related news

This proposal was voted against by the majority of Sevilla FC shareholders. In this way, the votes regarding the reduction of the Council members and the appointment of new members were rendered ineffective. These points were included in the agenda by the shareholder Sevillista Unidos 2020, SL

However, the result of the vote strengthened Castro and his current management team – among which is Del Nido Carrasco, the son of the former president – will continue in his position. In total, 0.51% of the shares voted in favor of the relief, while 77.01% did so against. In addition, 1.7% of blank votes and 20.8% of abstentions were registered.

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