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The delegations of Maduro and Guaidó agree on a memorandum that includes the lifting of sanctions

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The representatives of the interim opposition president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, and the Chavista regime, Nicolas Maduro, arrived in Mexico City this Friday and at 4.30 pm they began their first round of negotiations in the midst of a tense environment due to the deep political, economic and humanitarian crisis that plagues the Caribbean country.

The first day of this new dialogue process resulted in the signing of a memorandum of understanding by both parties to lay the foundations for the process, which will take place in Mexico with the facilitation of Norway. Netherlands and Russia will be chaperones.

“We have agreed to carry out a comprehensive dialogue and negotiation process,” says the text signed by Jorge Rodriguez, on behalf of the government of President Nicolás Maduro, and Gerardo blyde, by the so-called Unitary Platform.

The document mentions the “need for sanctions to be lifted”, in reference to Washington’s punitive measures, which include an oil embargo, to which Canada and the European Union have joined, according to AFP.

It also rejects “any form of political violence” against the country and urges the “stabilization of the economy”, which has fallen by 80% since 2014, forcing the migration of some five million people.

This first meeting will last for 7 or 10 days and seeks to establish the topics of the negotiation agenda and the methodology to be followed.

On behalf of Guaidó and the unitary platform participate, in addition to the head of the delegation, Gerardo Blyde, the political leaders Carlos Vecchio, Tomás Guanipa, Luis Aquiles Moreno, Mariela Magallanes, Roberto Enriquez Y Stalin González.

On the side of the ruling party, along with Jorge Rodríguez, president of the Chavista National Assembly, his sister Delcy Rodriguez, Vice President of the Government; the governor of Miranda, Héctor Rodríguez, and Nicolás Maduro Guerra, ‘Nicolasito’, son of the president, who was still seen on Friday in Caracas despite the fact that his father had announced a day before that he would go to Mexico because “you have to negotiate even with the devil himself.

Maduro wants “sovereign solutions”

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said this Friday that the Chavista delegation that arrived in Mexico this Friday will seek “sovereign solutions” among Venezuelans.

“Dr. Jorge Rodríguez, president of the AN (Parliament) and plenipotentiary envoy of the Bolivarian Government that I preside, arrived in Mexico for the installation of the Peace dialogue table with the opposition of our country. We will seek sovereign solutions between Venezuelans and Venezuelans, “Maduro said on Twitter.

After the arrival of the Chavista delegation, the press team of the head of Parliament showed some photos in which he can be seen landing in Mexico on an airline plane Conviasa, sanctioned in 2020 by the US authorities after noting that it was used to “transfer corrupt regime officials around the world to boost support for their anti-democratic efforts,” reports EFE.

Guaidó: “Some solutions will not be easy”

Meanwhile, Guaidó evoked this Friday the power of the sanctions to pressure Maduro and acknowledged that “some solutions will not be easy,” but warned that a failure at the table will only “deepen the conflict.”

In his attempt to suffocate Maduro, the former Republican president Donald Trump it imposed a battery of sanctions that the government of Democrat Joe Biden offers to alleviate if the negotiation moves towards “free elections.”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the host country of this first round of dialogue, Marcelo Ebrard, welcomed the signing of the memorandum and the beginning of the talks. “I give the warmest welcome to Mexico to the delegations that will participate in the inauguration of the negotiation and dialogue process,” the Mexican Foreign Minister wrote on Twitter.

The Government of Spain, for its part, positively valued this Saturday the beginning in Mexico of the process of negotiation and dialogue between representatives of the regime and the democratic opposition of Venezuela to find a solution to the crisis that this country is going through.

The Executive, as indicated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a note collected by Servimedia, reiterated its commitment to a “negotiated” political solution, led by Venezuelans themselves with international support, leading to “credible, inclusive and transparent” elections that contribute to the democratic reinstitutionalization of Venezuela.

He also expressed “once again” his commitment to the Venezuelan people and encouraged all parties to get involved “actively” and in “good faith” in the process that is now beginning. In addition, he expressed his total willingness to accompany and contribute to the “success” of the negotiations.

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