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The Democratic Party, about to seize control of the United States Senate

Although the final result of the Georgia Senate elections will not be known until this Wednesday, Democrat Raphael Warnock has already emerged as the winner with 95% of the votes counted.

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Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock is declared the winner of the elections in Georgia.EFE
  • U SA The elections in Georgia and the ratification by the Congress of the presidential elections close the chapter of the U S elections.

If it were a football game, it would have to be said that it was an injury time victory. But it seems to be the result of the elections to the Senate of the state of Georgia. With approximately 95% of the vote counted – although, as almost always in U. S, not even the state authorities are very sure of how may votes they have been – the Democrat Raphael Warnock Goes one point ahead of the Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler. For his part, the also a Democrat Jon Oslo is only 1,322 votes (0.003% away) from the senator David Perdue.

With these minute differences – and, in Oslo’s case, even behind his opponent – one wonders why the Democrats are considered the winners, to the point that Warnock has even given his victory speech and the news agency The Associated Press, which unofficially declares the winners, has said the seat is theirs. The answer lies in the counties in which the vote has yet to be counted. They are, for the most part, predominantly Democratic territories, in which Joe Biden he won a large majority of the vote in the November 3 election, which he also won in Georgia, and again by the bare minimum.

In any event, the Secretary of State of Georgia, Brad Raffenspenger, has warned that the final results will not be known until today Wednesday at noon, which means 6 in the afternoon Spanish peninsular time. Still, they are signs that a Democratic victory is highly probable. Aside from the aforementioned vote projections, the Associated Press pointed out a highly symbolic one this morning: most of those attending the Republican Party had gone home. An analyst David Wasserman of the influential journal specializing in political information Cook Political Report They give Oslo and Warnock the winners.

The Democratic Senate: A Door to Biden’s Economic Reforms

A Democratic Senate will facilitate plans for Joe Biden to launch a more aggressive economic stimulus plan, and to include, within the infrastructure program that it wants to establish, more measures for the transition to renewable energy, as the Washington consulting firm explained yesterday in a note to its clients. ACC Analytics. That, too, opens the door to more citizen aid checks, which is opposed by the current leader of the Senate Republicans and a true nemesis of the Democrats and Barack Obama, Mitch McConnell. Finally, it is possible that, with a Democratic Senate, Supreme Justice Stephen Breyer, 82, will step down. Biden has announced that if he has to nominate a magistrate for the court, he will likely nominate a woman of color. That would mean that the ‘left wing’ of the Supreme Court will be made up exclusively of women.

But for that to happen, the victories of Oslo and Warnock must be confirmed. Some victories that will be historic for several reasons. One, the symbolic: Warnock will become Georgia’s first African-American senator; Oslo, in the first judo.

Another, the politician. In just three months, the Republican Party had lost the presidency, the two senators and one of their representatives in Georgia, a southern state in which until now it was the dominant force, except the big cities, led by Atlanta, which have acted as a magnet for African Americans throughout the southern U S and who may consider the engines of political change in the territory. The breakdown of Republican political control in Georgia comes at the same time as in the state that has most symbolized the character of that political formation, Arizona, and that the unexpected signs of weakness in his great barn of votes, Texas. It is a political shift that in turn is balanced by the loss of the Democratic political monopoly in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

An, finally, they is the electoral issue. In the United States, it is difficult for a candidate to defeat a senator. Doing it with the two of one state is almost a feat. The last time that happened was 26 years ago, when the two Democrats from Tennessee were sent home by Republicans, on the ‘wave’ of that 1994 party that up a Newt Gingrich to the presidency of the House of Representatives and began the turn to populism of the Republican Party that, according to some, has ended up generating the arrival of Donald Trump to White House.

An arrival that technically ends today, once the two houses of Congress ratify the results of the November 3 elections. It is a rather symbolic ceremony, because, although they is a theoretical possibility that the Legislature will not accept these results, the defenders of that thesis do not have, by any means, the votes necessary to achieve it. Still, Trump persists in his efforts, now with a new legal invention: that Vice President Mike Pence is empowered by law to reject the opinion of the polls. In fact, after one o’clock in the morning in Washington, Trump tweeted that “if Vice President Mike Pence helps us, we will win the presidency.” Paradoxically, among the senators is not Perdue, since his term ended the day before yesterday. When the session on the elections begins, around 7 p.m. in Spain, you will already know, presumably, whether you are going to remain a senator.

The congressional session will be accompanied by street protests by Trump supporters, some of whom staged violent protests and clashes with Washington police last night. The leader of the neo-fascist group ‘Proud Boys’,Enrique Barrio, was arrested Monday for destroying private property and possessing several holsters filled with bullets for semi-automatic weapons. Barrio was released a few hours later with the prohibition of returning to the U S capital until the trial is held in June. Trump himself will be in charge of ‘warming up’ the spirits in the protests, since he has declared that he will speak to the protesters.

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