Sunday, June 26

The Department of Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition visits the CEMA Los Molinos and the Arboretum of Crevillent

The regional secretary for Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition, Paula Tuzón Marco, and the general director of this same area, Pedro Fresco Torralba, visited Crevillent yesterday, July 7, with the aim of knowing first-hand the current state of the arboretum located in the CEMA Los Molinos.

During her visit to this enclave, Paula Tuzón commented on her intention to study the possible recovery of the arboretum. “It is a joint project with the Mediterranean Foundation that was abandoned at the beginning of the 21st century. The first step is to see the status of the agreement, because it is so old that we need to check exactly what the contribution of each of the parties is. But for what corresponds to the Conselleria, we will study everything from maintenance work to issues that go beyond that have to do with environmental education or that can even be used for our own nurseries. We have come to see it now, starting from here, we are going to try to weave alliances to recover it and bring it to life ”, stated the regional secretary.

The mayor of Crevillent, José Manuel Penalva, highlighted the importance of this visit, scheduled weeks ago, as well as the Government’s commitment to environmental projects and seeking the support of the Department. “I spoke with the regional secretary and I showed her my interest in get to know first-hand the potential of the arboretum and the Los Molinos Environmental Center. They have committed to reviewing this issue and have informed us that a work has been commissioned to study the reforestation of the arboretum. In addition, we have raised the possibility of trying to find a collaboration agreement with the Mediterranean Foundation from the Ministry itself, apart from the one we already have from the City Council, to try to further promote and promote the CEMA ”added the mayor.

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From the Department they took the opportunity to also know the different projects of the electric cooperative Enercoop related to renewable energies and photovoltaic solar technology, some in collaboration with the City Council, as well as to visit its solar park. The general director of Ecological Transition highlighted the great relevance of the projects that Enercoop is developing: “it is a reference for everything it is doing, both in terms of self-consumption and in the creation of photovoltaic plants of this size. It is very interesting to have seen it first hand because we want to promote self-consumption and energy communities at all levels ”. For his part, the general director of Enercoop, Joaquín Mas, positively valued the visit of the regional authorities and their interest shown in the different projects related to energy communities and renewable energies that the Enercoop Group is carrying out.

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