Thursday, November 26

The Department of Oltra has 637 million without executing two months before the end of the year

The vice president of the Consell, Mónica Oltra, appearing in the Cortes.  |

The vice president of the Consell, Mónica Oltra, appearing in the Cortes. |

The Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies has € 637 million not executed two months after the end of the year. According to the expenditure execution data of the Generalitat, as of October 31, the department managed by Vice President Mónica Oltra has left a third of its budget unspent after eight months of a pandemic in which social needs have skyrocketed. The Ministry of Equality still has to invest a significant part of the spending that it had planned for 2020 in the midst of an unprecedented social crisis, and more so after the conflict generated last week by the regional budgets after the vice president demanded the appropriation of 21 million more in your area by 2021.

The disagreements arose between the leader of Compromís and the Minister of Finance, Vicent Soler (PSPV), as this amount had not been included in the Equality and Inclusive Policies accounts. Oltra denounced that there was a commitment on the part of the head of the Treasury to consign this economic amount that his department lacked, but from the Presidency they assured that the councilor had accepted that those 21 million would be added as credit modifications during the first quarter of 2021, a proposal that, in fact, was the one finally agreed between the councilors after five days of internal troubles.

The low degree of execution of the Department headed by Mónica Oltra during this year extends into different items such as Social Services, with 4.3 million not executed; Childhood, with 19 million pending; Functional Diversity or Disability, with 29.7 million; Social Inclusion (Renta Valenciana de Inclusión), with 107.7 million unpaid; management of centers for the elderly, with 22 million; Dependency, with 126 million; o Social Promotion, with 17 million. In fact, the level of execution has fallen six points compared to previous years despite the fact that one of the greatest consequences of the coronavirus has been the increase in the rate of social exclusion among the population. In fact, this was precisely the main reason for increasing the budget in this area by 19% compared to this year, reaching 1,921 million euros. In addition, throughout the current fiscal year the Dependency item has risen by 79 million through credit modifications and the one corresponding to the minimum income has risen by 115 million.

One of the arguments that Oltra gave last week to defend the open war in the Botànic was the need to secure funds that would allow it to improve the staff ratio in the centers for the elderly, for their salary equalization and for the socio-sanitary coordination units . However, the leader of Compromís has not yet begun to reverse the management of the senior centers to make them public again or to dismantle the model that Rafael Blasco started and later consolidated by Juan Cotino during Francisco Camps’ stage at the Consell . Despite having repeatedly denounced this procedure, the councilor has not yet put an end to these concessions. Of course, in these five years of a left-wing government, it has reinforced inspections with a new rule that guarantees greater control.

Yesterday, the Minister of Finance and Economic Model, Vicent Soler, made reference to the crisis that the Botànic has experienced with respect to the preparation of the 2021 budgets and said that the disagreements “in principle” have been corrected, recalling that the budgets will allocate to said department 1,921 million euros, which represents a growth of more than 300 million with respect to this year. The minister wanted to downplay this conflict and said that “this happens in all the governments of the world.”

The vice president vindicates “the culture of dialogue”

The vice president of the Consell, Mónica Oltra, yesterday vindicated “the political culture” of agreement and dialogue, of listening to each other and of “knowing that in politics no one has the absolute truths and that one can always learn from the other.” Asked about the Botànic crisis, Oltra answered that criticism fits them “always with a smile”, and defended the “hallmark” of the Botanic Government, which, according to her, “is dialogue”

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