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The «Despeinada» joins the Abra the XVI SURNE Regatta-56º Eskarra Trophy




The Biscayan waters of the Abra were the scene of the XVI SURNE-56th Eskarra Trophy Regatta, organized by the Real Club Marítimo del Abra-Real Sporting Club. After not being able to be held a year ago due to the pandemic, one of the classic events of the Club de Las Arenas calendar returned, which also coincides with the Euskadi Championship in the J80 class in this edition. After the routes programmed by the Regatta Committee, with a strong northeast wind of 15 to 25 knots, among the cruisers the ‘Despeinada’ of Carlos Maidagan prevailed in the Regatta class as well as being the absolute winner; Juanma Pereiro’s ‘Kribi’ in the Cruise I class; the ‘Marmotinha’ by Koldo Báez in the Crucero II class and the ‘Bacilón’ by José Miguel Franco in the Libre class. And after the three rounds of the Euskadi Championship between the J80 class monotypes, which from June 18 to 20 will also compete on this same regatta field in the J80 Cup, the first classified was without discussion the ‘Biobizz’ from Biscay from José Azqueta, who finished with three first places ahead of ‘Marina Rubicón-Les Roches’ by Rafael Lasso and’ Dr. Chacartegui ‘(both at 6 points), with Tomás Trueba’s’ Fhimasa Escuela de Vela José Luis de Ugarte’ in fourth place and the Cantabrian ‘Etnia Barcelona’ from Peru Múgica in fifth position. The J80s will complete this Sunday the final day to decide the title of the Euskadi Championship.

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The ‘Despeinada’, a GS R 40, won in the Regatta class ahead of ‘Maitena’ by Mikel Emaldi, ‘Alpega’ by Alfonso Churruca, ‘Gaitero’ by Juan Valdivia ‘,’ Symphony ‘by Javier Onaindia, from Javier Chávarri’s ‘Rat Pack’ and Mauricio Guibert’s ‘Akelarre’. On the other hand, the ‘Kribi’, an X332, surpassed in Cruise I the ‘Modark’ of Javier García Peña and the ‘Tchin Tchin’ of José Luis Ribed; and in Cruise II the ‘Marmotinha’ beat Óscar Iturbe’s ‘Txankletas’, Álvaro Esteban’s ‘Patuelas’, Miguel Arriola’s ‘Rooster’, Lucio Fernández’s ‘Emilu’ and Íñigo Inchaurraga’s ‘Amandarri dalecandELA’. Among the boats Without Certificate, the ‘Bacilón’ led this classification ahead of the ‘Nexus’, the ‘Ramper’ by Jairo López de Guevara and the ‘Taramay’ by Asier Quintana.

The Eskarra Trophy is one of the most beloved championships in the Cantabrian Sea since back in 1964 of the last century the first edition of this historic test took place, an appointment with a lot of tradition in Basque sailing that was born with a beautiful initiative from which Mr. Ramón Zubiria was president of the Real Club Marítimo del Abra-Real Sporting Club, as a tribute to José Luis Azqueta and his sailboat ‘Eskarra’. Thus, 57 years of that beginning were fulfilled -56 editions after being suspended in 2020-. 40 boats of the cruiser classes and J80 monotypes sailed in search of victory in a regatta with a lot of pull among the crews, who consider it one of the most special of the extensive calendar of this Club. The test was organized by the Real Club Marítimo del Abra Real Sporting Club by delegation of the Basque Sailing Federation, with the sponsorship of SURNE and the collaboration of the Getxo City Council, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, the Basque and Vizcaína Sailing Federations and the Association of Owners of J80 of Spain. This Sunday, the J80s will complete a very special weekend that will be signed with the Euskadi Championship.

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