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The details behind Astros’ City Connect uniforms that salute Space City

The Astros unveiled their Nike City Connect uniforms on Sunday and it’s full of details linking the team with the city’s rich space travel history from the “Space City” across the chest to the words stitched inside the collar of the jerseys.

The all-navy uniforms will be worn for the first time April 20 against the Angels at Minute Maid Park, then for every Monday home game after that. Major League Baseball and Nike started the City Connect program last season to celebrate the bond between its teams and their city. Seven teams received City Connect uniforms last season with the Chicago White Sox’s “Southside” duds being by far the most popular. Seven more teams – including the Astros, Nationals, Royals, Rockies, Angels, Brewers and Padres – will have their alternate uniforms debut this season.

“Our City Connect uniform links the past and the present, making the old new, with a nod to our city’s great history of space travel,” Astros senior vice president of communications and marketing Anita Sehgal said in a statement released by the team. “The Astros’ retro elements with a forward-thinking approach matches the constant pursuit of new opportunities and extraordinary wins that represent the great city of Houston. This uniform is a thank you to our fans for their relentless support to the Astros and to growing our great community – we don’t see this as just a uniform, but as a movement for our city and we are excited to share it today.” 

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Here are all the Space City details of the Astros’ City Connect uniforms …

Space City Chest Plate

“Space City” is displayed boldly in orange across the front of the navy jersey in the worm font popularized by NASA.

Hat Logo

The navy hat retains the Astros’ iconic Star H logo but makes the star a rainbow gradient and adds planetary tracks around the logo.

Astros Cap Badge

The side of the cap has the word “Astros” spelled out in the NASA-themed worm font.

Gold Nike Swoosh

It’s can’t be a Nike City Connect uniform without the swoosh near the right shoulder. The swoosh is embroidered in gold thread, which represents the gold multi-layer insulation protecting much of the mission equipment in space.

Rainbow Piping

Much like the star on the caps, rainbow gradient is used on the piping that runs down the front of the jerseys.

Grid Pattern

The sleeves feature a grid pattern that are supposed to resemble the star charts used by astronomers to identify and locate stars, constellations and galaxies. 

Pants Numbers

Everyone remembers the Astros’ rainbow jerseys, but old-school fans will remember that time in the 1970s when players’ uniform numbers also were featured on the thigh of their pants. That feature was brought back for these uniforms with the numbers in orange and outlined in yellow.

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Area Codes Mission Patch

The left sleeve of the jersey features a mission patch inspired by patches worn by space crews. This patch says “Space City” and contains Houston’s four area codes – 713, 281, 832, 346 – surrounding the Astros’ take on the Texas state flag, which is orange, blue and white and has the H Star logo in place of the Texas star.

Go for Launch

It won’t be visible to fans during games, but inside the collar of the jerseys is the phrase “Go for Launch.”

A full look at the Astros' Nike City Connect uniforms as worn by Jose Altuve.

A full look at the Astros’ Nike City Connect uniforms as worn by Jose Altuve.

Houston Astros

Gradient Socks

Perhaps the most eye-catching feature of the uniforms are the rainbow gradient socks that are a bright orange and yellow and serve as a contrast to the all-navy uniform. The Astros say those fiery socks “represent the rocket thrusters that blast each shuttle into space.”

City Connect merchandise, including hats and jerseys, are available at the Astros team store at Minute Maid Park.

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