Wednesday, November 30

The detainee for the crime of his partner in Elche affirms that “he will not admit what he has not done”

It could have ended like the rosary of dawn but the operation that the Elche Police Station had set up has allowed the young man they had been looking for since Christmas Day to arrest in just twenty minutes, and without causing personal injury, for the murder of his couple in a flat in the Los Palmerales neighborhood of that city.

The arrest took place at dawn yesterday at the house where his ex-partner and their 18-month-old daughter live, who had been away from that home for days and under protection for fear that the alleged murderer would go after them. , as it happened, since the woman reported violent episodes during her coexistence.

The woman has just reported him now for verbal abuse during the time they were together, so a case will be opened. There are no other complaints against him for gender violence, although he does have a police record for a violent crime in 2018.

Francisco NM, 22 years old, had been unaccounted for since the body of Yolanda, a 25-year-old girl who had arrived with her 9-year-old son from Paraguay a year earlier and with a the one who had been in sporadic relationships for two months. The victim leaves another three-year-old orphan in her country.

After forcing the door, the fugitive barricaded himself in the home of his ex-partner, located in the Carrús neighborhood, where he took hostage the man and the three women who were inside. Armed with an AK-47 assault rifle (a Kalashnikov), a nine-millimeter parabellum pistol and ammunition for both weapons, he shot the officers, whom the grandmother was able to warn. All the hostages were rescued safely through an attached house.

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After an exchange of gunshots and, a moment of negotiations in which he understood that he had no other way out, the suspect of a sexist crime “who does not intend to admit because he assures that he has not committed it, was arrested,” according to what this media has learned through his defense, the lawyer Moisés Candela.

The police operation was so fast and accurate that the critical situation device that had been activated, which includes the intervention of GEOs, Tedax or the Negotiators Unit, did not have to act.

Covered by the provincial chief commissioner, Ignacio del Olmo, by the chief of Operations, Manuel Lafuente, and by the Government subdelegate, Araceli Poblador, the commissioner of Elche, Pedro Montore, explained at a press conference that from the beginning they worked with the hypothesis that it was a case of gender violence that was classified as “extreme risk” because it was a very violent young man who was armed. Circumstances that made “not be considered a criminal of gender violence to use,” specified Montore.

To questions from the journalists who clashed with the secrecy of the summary, the commissioner added that the origin of the weapons that he carried “difficult to obtain even in the illegal market” is being investigated, he said, and specified that the murder charge has been added also the attack on the agents.

It will be made available to the head of Investigative Court number 5 on the first day of 2022. It is the same court that investigated the case for attempted murder, later reduced to injuries with a dangerous instrument, for which it is foreseen that be tried in February. He is accused of attacking another man with a glass, whom he was about to kill with a cut on the neck. “An excessive violence for the incident in question,” Montore pointed out to highlight the violent nature of Francisco.

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The strong reaction of the mother and a sister of the fugitive against the agents upon learning of the arrest led to both of them being arrested for threats, although the girl was released hours later and the mother is expected to suffer the same fate.

Poblador praised the police work “that has avoided more victims” and insisted that “the scourge of gender violence is a structural problem that affects us all and in which the whole of society has to get involved.”

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