Tuesday, October 4

The DGT incorporates 34 camouflaged motorcycles to the surveillance of this Operation Exit



Everything is ready so that from this Friday at 3:00 p.m. the first special traffic operation of the summer will begin, a device that will be extended until midnight on Sunday, July 3 and for which there are forecast 4.5 million trips by road.

Therefore, in addition to facilitating mobility by road, the
General direction of traffic
(DGT) will control the highways through 780 fixed speed control radars, of which 92 are sectional; 545 mobile radars, 12 helicopters, 245 mobile and belt control cameras (29 more cameras than last summer), 39 drones for regulation activities, 23 of them with reporting capacity.

Also, this summer incorporate 34 camouflaged motorcycles of the ATGC that will circulate on the roads with the highest accident rate for motorists

with the aim of reducing the accident rate and verifying that responsible driving is carried out. These bikes are part of a pilot test that will take place during the summer weekends.

Finally, they recall a series of basic measures to overcome trips of this summer safely, and above all, without a fine that annoys our vacations:

-Better slower, especially on conventional roads, where the generic speed is 90km/h.

-Respect the speed established on each road and maintain a safe distance from the preceding vehicle. Invading this safety distance is aggressive, unacceptable and, most seriously, it causes accidents.

-If you drink, do not drive and if someone in the group you are with has been drinking, it is your responsibility not to let them drive. For minors, the only rate is 0.0.

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-Turn off the mobile if you are going to drive or put the car mode on those devices that have it incorporated. There is nothing that cannot wait. In addition, if you carry your mobile in your hand, 6 points are deducted from your driving license.

-Wear the seatbelt properly and keep minors in their child restraint system, both on long and short journeys. With the entry into force of the reform of the Law there are 4 points to deduct for not wearing it or wearing it wrongly.

-Stop every two hours on long journeys to rest. Driving fatigue is a bad ally.

-Special attention to motorcyclists and other drivers due to the vulnerability of two wheels.

-If you are a bicycle user, in addition to the helmet, you must ride with lights and reflective clothing at night or in low visibility conditions.

-In the case of pedestrians, if you walk on roads outside the town, remember that you must do so on the left and if it is at night or in weather or environmental conditions that significantly reduce visibility, you must wear a vest or other reflective clothing. Every year more than 100 people die after being run over on the road.

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