Monday, January 24

The digital age is not making us stupid

Older, medium and small. To all of us on more than one occasion they have surely told us that we were going to be stupid playing Martians, using the smartphone or spending more hours than they should in front of the computer.

Now, when a nosy family member, friend, or stranger tells you that you’re going to be stupid for spending more time than usual using technology, you can tell them that science contradicts them.

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It is a study of the University of Cincinnati, in Canada, demonstrates and confirms that “there is no scientific evidence to show that smartphones and digital technology harm our biological cognitive abilities.”

Anthony Chemero, professor of philosophy and psychology at the University of Cincinnati, has published the conclusions of his study in the scientific journal Nature Human Behavior.

Chemero and his team strive to explain how digital evolution is able to complement human thinking helping us to excel.

Technological evolution, according to the study from Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, technology is capable of increasing our decision-making skills.

We are able to use it to maximize our potency as a species.

Technology and effects on our body

What science did confirm a long time ago is that technology produces harmful effects on some other part, especially physical, of our body.

Technology is in our day to day and if it is not used in the right way, as confirmed by the study by the University of Cincinnati, it can bring us negative consequences.

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The most common physical damage that the abuse of screens and technology causes in our body are headaches, sinus FOMO -obsession to be connected all day-, insomnia, sleep-texting, techno-stress, phantom vibration syndrome, anxiety …

All these, in addition to the classics cervical problems and back due to poor posture in daily use of computer, tablets Y screens in general.

In addition to those mentioned, problems related to hearing and vision are also very frequent after years of using technology, headphones … without proper control or care.

Regarding hearing, the misuse of the technology that we use to reproduce music, podcasts or radio, causes us to expose ourselves to excessively high volumes for a long time, close to <70db, a very harmful symptom for us.

And more when we do it for a long time.

If we talk about our vision, and in addition to the well-known visual stress caused by spending endless days in front of the computer working, the excessive use of screens is the cause that we can develop tired eyesight and / or myopia.

How much time we spend using technology

Some consequences that are developed by the excessive and abusive use of technology.

Six hours and fifty-four minutes. That is the average time that users, from all over the world, spent each day on the Internet during the year 2020.

These figures indicate an increase of eleven minutes compared to the data collected in 2019.

They are part of a study carried out by the technologies Hootsuite Y We Are Social.

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The study counts the time both in front of the computer, which in most cases would imply work time, and in front of our smartphone, tablet … in the specific case of Spain, according to the analysis, each user spends a total of six hours and eleven minutes exposed to internet connected technology.

Figures below the global average, and far from the more than ten hours that Filipino users spend in front of the screens, first in the ranking.

Studies, analyzes and proven effects on our body that should be done to us reevaluate our use of technology, although science confirms that it is not making us more stupid.

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