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The Diputación de Alicante will change its regulations to specify transfers to the parties

The full from Alicante Provincial Council approved this Friday in an extraordinary and urgent session the definitive review reports of the financial endowments to the groups that oblige the PP to return 45,000 euros related to unjustified expenses, while the PSPV will have to pay 14,500 euros, all from the previous mandate. But, in addition, the spokesmen opened the debate on the need for a change in the organic regulations of the provincial institution to establish the criteria on the percentages of certain expenses that can be considered shared activities between the groups of the Provincial Council and the parties, a Citizens’ proposal that PP and PSOE will accept.

During years, Compromís has waged a battle to denounce that the parties were being financed irregularly. After a long judicial and political journey, this audit and the subsequent Intervention report confirm that PP and PSOE did not justify a series of expenses from 2015 to 2018. Article 9 of the organic regulation on economic endowment of the political groups of the The corporation establishes that the transfer to political parties of funds assigned to groups with plenary representation must be as a consequence of joint expenses made by the party, but it does not clarify the percentage of transfers that can be considered shared, so the idea is detail that fine print to set the same criteria for all parties. The debate on the need to change the regulation has been opened after the PSOE has denounced that the PP has managed to justify most of the rents of its headquarters in the province and of the telephone lines by arguing that its use was intended for joint actions with the Diputación, while the PSOE has only accepted 50% of the expenses, which, in his opinion, is contradictory.

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Faced with this controversy, the Deputy for Infrastructure, Javier Gutierrez, highlighted the need to put on the table a change in the organic regulation that regulates economic endowments to political groups after reading the external auditor report, ratified by Intervention, and in which it is not clear the percentage of transfers that can be justify as shared expenses. For this reason, Gutiérrez proposed a modification of the new regulation so that “the rules that must be complied with in order to provide the greatest transparency in the use of this public money are clear. Clear, specific rules and, above all, that provide legal certainty. Both PP and PSOE agree with this measure.

In addition, the resolution of the Intervention report that supports the audit so that the PP and the PSOE return some 60,000 euros had the favorable vote of the government team against the rejection of the opposition. The deputy for General Administration and Finance, María Gómez, insisted that assuming the reinstatement does not mean assuming any responsibility: “We do not share the result of the audit, but we assume it for political coherence and out of respect for the March plenary agreement,” said Gómez . On June 18, the popular group presented allegations for disagreement with the report’s conclusions, which were rejected along with those also presented by the socialist group. The PSOE demanded a single file and justified the vote against his party considering that there has been a disparity in criteria and that some expenses are not sufficiently accredited: «It should be the technicians of the Provincial Council who will audit the accounts and draw the conclusions », Said Toni Francés. Likewise, Compromís spokesman, Gerard Fullana, showed his rejection, understanding, among other arguments, that the external audit is not the usual procedure and announced that he will appeal the measure considering that the same criteria have not been applied to the audited groups.

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Unanimity to resolve the Closest Plan with 450 actions

The institution also approves the rules of the More Water program and a line of aid for solar lights

The Provincial Council has unanimously approved the second and last package of aid for investments of the Closer Plan, with which this investment fund is definitively resolved that will allow to promote in all the municipalities of the province more than 450 actions with a budget of 30 million .

As explained by the Deputy for Infrastructure, Javier Gutiérrez, 92 actions in 28 municipalities of the province have been approved with an amount that exceeds 8.3 million, which is added to 17.5 million euros for 230 actions, in 129 municipalities, resolved on June 17. For its part, the line aimed at current spending, approved on May 5 and from which aid is already being paid, contemplates a total of 129 actions for more than 4 million, from which 42 municipalities will benefit. In total, there are more than 450 actions in the province and after this last approval the project execution phase can begin.

The Provincial Council has also approved, with the support of all political groups, the bases and call for the More Water Plan, which in this case will distribute 9.5 million among the municipalities to promote more than a hundred hydraulic works.

In terms of Roads, a new line of aid, endowed with 500.00 euros, for the installation of solar lights on rural roads and roads in the smaller municipalities has also been approved.

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