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The Diputación de Alicante will inject 36 million euros more into the province

Meeting between Mazon and Dolon

Meeting between Mazon and Dolon

He Government team of the Alicante Provincial Council, made up of the Popular Party and Citizens, finalizes the injection and distribution of another 36 million euros for direct investments in municipalities in 2021.

These extraordinary funds the next annuity will be financed with remnants and add up to 30 million of the Plan + Close already 7.6 million destined to the localities affected by the DANA, also financed with these contributions. The extraordinary investment of the Provincial Council for 2021 rises in this way up to 73.8 million.

The provincial institution will mobilize next year a figure historical to face the exceptional situation arising from the pandemic. The Alicante Provincial Council will record a total 312 million euros, of which 238.2 million correspond to its ordinary budget and 73.8 to the extraordinary investment line.

The Governing Board of the provincial institution this week approved the proposed actions to be financed with the 36.2 million remainders, which include various financial initiatives of both Citizens and the Socialist Group. This measure is the result of joint work carried out in recent weeks to agree on measures that favor the progress of the 141 towns in the province.

The objective of this amount is, fundamentally, strengthen support to municipalities from the province and meet the social and economic needs that Covid-19 It has generated.

The remainder can be used from first quarter of the year, once the details of the budget settlement for the current fiscal year are known. Both Ciudadanos and PSOE have submitted proposals for inclusion in the actions that will be paid for with these 36.2 million remnants, some initiatives that have been added to the document prepared by the Government team.

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In it it will be promoted, from the Social Services area, a game of six million euros, to subsidize city councils and associations of the province those extraordinary benefits derived from the pandemic.

In addition, next year the Provincial Council will again provide a call for six million euros to help freelancers, SMEs and professionals to minimize the effects of the economic crisis. These contributions from the Economic Development and Productive Sectors area will be managed through the town councils.

The area of Water cycle will absorb, on the other hand, 4.4 million euros of these extraordinary funds to subsidize different municipalities and irrigation communities to carry out investments in water.

The agreed distribution also includes different actions regarding Culture for the amount of 4.170.000 euros, which will be destined mainly to reinforce helplines that promotes the area for both consistories and entities -promotion of musical and scenic performances, cultural activities of special importance, Festival of Performing Arts, enhancement of the historical-cultural heritage of the municipalities or works of rehabilitation of monuments and heritage of ownership municipal and churches-, although they will also develop direct cultural promotion activities.

For its part, the department of Roads will allocate 2.3 million euros in investments in roads, while from the area of Environment the Energy Savings Plan with 1.5 million euros and municipal subsidies for the acquisition of electric vehicles, with an amount of 2 million euros.

Thanks to the remnants, they will also be reinforced with about 4 millions of euros Sports aid plans and with 848,000 the items of the Department of Architecture. Likewise, a contribution of more than one million euros to the Provincial Firefighters Consortium.

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The proposal to set the actions to be financed with remnants is part of the negotiations that the government team, made up of the PP and Cs, and the opposition groups, PSOE and Compromís, have maintained in order to reach a agreement facing the 2021 budgets, a pact that would also include the destination of these extraordinary funds.

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