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The Diputación de Badajoz cedes the former Casa de la Mujer to the Center of Light

Plenary held this Friday at the Diputación de Badajoz. / TODAY

The entity will be able to cover its need to expand facilities due to the large number of users it serves


The plenary session of the Diputación de Badajoz corresponding to the month of April has approved the public concession of the use of the premises known as the old Casa de la Mujer free of charge to the Nuestra Señora de La Luz Center, an entity that provides care services to people with intellectual disabilities in the capital of Badajoz.

The entity thus covers its need to expand facilities due to the large number of users it serves, with this premises that will be used as a day center for a period of 20 years.

On the other hand, the plenary session held this Friday has also given the go-ahead to modifications of credits, amounting to 300,000 euros, in order to meet the new needs that have arisen in the cultural program as a result of the opening of ‘The Hospital Live Center.

The objective is to give content to the new use of this building and thus become a cultural “reference” in the city of Badajoz and the province, as well as to increase the exhibition actions of the Sala Vaquero Poblador, both the headquarters of the Provincial Palace as in ‘El Hospital’, which allows promoting more artists from Badajoz, both new and established, according to the Badajoz council in a press release.

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Also for the Ópera Joven project, in order to expand its educational and training activities to more locations in 2022, and for the Promotion and Promotion of Sports and cultural activities program to be able to sponsor various sporting and cultural events with great repercussion at the national level. provincial, regional and national, among which is the Vuelta Ciclista a España 2022 or the Mérida Music Festival.

Another of the points addressed in plenary includes the report on delinquency in the expected payment terms of the provincial institution and its dependent entities, on which the deputy delegate of Economy has stated that it has been fulfilled in this first quarter, resulting in an average of 40 days in the resolution of the invoices.

Network of healthcare centers

Likewise, a credit modification file for 1.2 million euros has been unanimously approved, which is financed with treasury remnants, for the improvement of the network of assistance centers for dependent elderly people; and that is part of an agreement signed with the Ministry of Health and Social Services of the Board and the Diputación de Cáceres.

The plenary session has also given the green light to the integration of the Diputación de Badajoz in the Association ‘Club Excellence in Management Via Innovation’, for which it contributes 3,200 euros as a single initial fee to the social fund for the first year.

The deputation’s adhesion to the Excellence in Management Club will bring “undoubted advantages” that will allow the development of ‘Benchmarking’ practices and access to an “important” source of knowledge, learning and improvement, in addition to contributing to teamwork to continue to be an “outstanding” organization, obtaining the EFQM seal of quality, the same sources have explained.

europe day

Similarly, the Socialist and Popular groups of the provincial corporation have presented an institutional declaration on Europe Day, which is commemorated on May 9, the 72nd anniversary of the Declaration that Robert Schuman, as French Foreign Minister , performed in Paris in 1950.

For this reason, the Diputación de Badajoz joins, together with the rest of the citizenry, in the celebration of an institutional act to commemorate this anniversary, promoting the necessary actions for it, such as raising the European flag at the official headquarters and ringing the anthem of the EU, together with the reading of the summarized text of the aforementioned Declaration.

Likewise, the city councils of the province are urged to carry out a similar commemorative act at their headquarters, joining “proudly” in the celebration of Europe Day, “from the commitment to work together so that the integration process continues and strengthen policies and instruments, for the sake of greater economic, social and territorial cohesion».

Thirdly, the Junta de Extremadura, Assembly of Extremadura, Provincial Council of Cáceres and city councils of the province, as representatives of the Extremaduran citizenry as a whole, are transferred to the celebration of the commemoration acts described.

To conclude, the president of the Diputación, Miguel Ángel Gallardo, thanked all those who worked so that the Day of the Province, celebrated in Campanario on April 26, was carried out with “success”, acknowledging the projects and initiatives for such commemoration and supporting individual effort; while he congratulated the winners of the Gold Medal and congratulated the host city council and the mayors for their participation in the event.

Finally, Gallardo has reported the “pride” that comes from leading the ranking of the country’s councils in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals.

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