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The disgusting macho comments on the 2021 Goya red carpet that tarnish the movie party




The applauded 2021 Goya gala that he organized Antonio Banderas it was marred by some unpleasant sexist comments that crept in during the red carpet broadcast by the Spanish Television website.

An open microphone caught the outbursts of some of those present about the invited women who were parading through the Goya red carpet.

One of those who suffered these comments was Marta Nieto. While the award-winning actress, who announced that she was going to direct a film, walked down the red carpet, the few viewers of the broadcast heard how those who were next to the microphone reduced their presence only to her physical: «This is the only beautiful one because the rest are all ‘skeletons’ ».

Those same comments attacked Nathy Peluso, the Spanish-Argentine singer who sang live last night during the Goya gala: «There was one, the ‘Nancy Peluso’, and another that seemed like a ‘p …’ that charges for sure ». “That one for me,” replied another of those present.

Some macho comments that, on the eve of 8-M, and at a Goya gala where the talent of Pilar Palomero, the first woman to win the award for best novel direction, original screenplay and best film for ‘The Girls’, marred the Goya gala and outraged social networks.

Winners of the 35th edition of the Goya Awards

– Best Film: ‘The Girls’

– Best Direction: Salvador Calvo, for ‘Adú’

– Best Leading Actor: Mario Casas, for ‘You will not kill’

– Best Leading Actress: Patricia Lopez Arnaiz, for ‘Ane’

– Best European Film: ‘The Father’ by Florian Zeller

– Best Ibero-American film: ‘The forgetfulness that we will be’ (Colombia), by Fernando Trueba

– Best Supporting Actor: Alberto San Juan, for ‘Sentimental’

– Best Supporting Actress: Nathalie Poza, for ‘Rosa’s Wedding’

– Best Animated Film: “La gallina Turuleca”, by Brown Films, AIE, Gloriamundi Producciones, SL, Productions A Fonsagrada, Tandem Films, SL

– Best documentary film: “The year of discovery”, by Lacima Producciones, SL

– Best adapted screenplay: David Pérez Sañudo and Marina Parés Pulido, for ‘Ane’

– Best Original Screenplay: Pilar Palomero, for ‘The Girls’

– Best artistic direction: Mikel Serrano, for ‘Akelarre’

– Best Editing: Sergio Jiménez, for ‘The Year of Discovery’

– Best Director of Photography: Daniela Cajías, for ‘Las chicas’

– Best animated short film: ‘Blue & Malone: ​​Impossible Cases’, directed by Abraham López Guerrero

– Best documentary short film: “Biography of the corpse of a woman”, directed and produced by Mabel Lozano

– Best fiction short film: “A la cara”, directed and produced by Javier Marco Rico

– Best original music: Aránzazu Calleja and Maite Arroitajauregi, for ‘Akelarre’

– Best original song: ‘Que no, que no’ by Rozalén, for ‘Rosa’s wedding’

– Best New Direction: Pilar Romero, for ‘The Girls’

– Best New Actor: Adam Nourou, for ‘Adú’

– Best New Actress: Jone Laspiur for ‘Ane’.

– Best production direction: Ana Parra and Luis Fernández Lago, for ‘Adú’

– Best special effects: Mariano García Marty and Ana Rubio, for ‘Akelarre’

– Best sound: Eduardo Esquide, Jamaica Ruíz García, Juan Ferro and Nicolas de Poulpiquet, for ‘Adú’

– Best makeup and hairstyling: Beatushka Wojtowicz and Ricardo Molina, for ‘Akelarre’

– Best costume design: Nerea Torrijos, for ‘Akelarre’

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