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The disturbing message on Facebook of a man accused of raping and prostituting a minor under 12 years of age for $ 20 in Argentina

The defendants sold the minor on Facebook for sexual encounters.


About eight months after a man was arrested in Argentina for raping and prostituting his 12-year-old partner’s niece, the authorities arrested this week a neighbor who also participated in the sexual abuse.

The Infobae report of December 2 indicates that EH left as evidence on phones and social media accounts material that confirms the pattern of aggression against the minor.

The evidence is at the disposal of the prosecutor Soledad Garibaldi and the Human Trafficking division of the Argentine Federal Police, who are leading the accusation against him.

EH was arrested in April when neighbors tried to lynch him for the alleged facts for which his partner is also accused.

The researchers revealed that EH and the woman, identified as MO, they gave the minor to at least one neighbor who lived less than three blocks from the suspects’ house in Gerli town, Buenos Aires province. The female took care of her niece after the death of her sister.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the alleged criminals they offered the girl on social media, such as Facebook groups, and they sent prohibited material to those interested in sexual encounters. The aunt herself allegedly appears in photos touching and kissing the naked girl. The pervert supposedly presented the minor as her daughter. The information that the authorities handle indicates that, at the beginning, they offered the young girl free of charge to trusted contacts. Later, they began to charge about 2,000 pesos (almost $ 20 dollars) for each violation, and sometimes a little more.

The neighbor who was recently arrested appears in at least 20 videos that were part of the original complaint of the case. In the recordings, the couple is also seen while attacking the minor. The material was discovered by accident when MO left his Gmail account open on his computer. Another close person, spotting strange messages, began to review. Not only this, but he saved the images to a USB. Hours later, she went to the Lanús Women’s Police Station to file the complaint.

The authorities managed to access EH’s Google Photos account, as well as his Facebook chats. The discovery revealed at least a dozen photos of other girls naked or semi-naked, between five and nine years old. They also found the images of the 12-year-old victim.

On Facebook, investigators identified a recurring name, “Raúl Sánchez.” “I’m going to be in your husband’s body,” read one of Sánchez’s messages, which turned out to be the same EH Under the name of Sánchez, the man sent an audio to his partner so that he could reproduce it to the adolescent.

“You are not going to lie to me. Always an excuse. I also have you in my power. My name is Raúl Sánchez. On Sunday you are going to do something if you do not want anyone to find out what is between you and me, “he is heard saying as reported by Infobae.

The minor, supposedly, She called the man who raped her “papa”. His biological father could not be located.

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