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the DJ of the footballers

  • He changed the goal for the booth and, after playing at Valdés ‘wedding and in the world, he now releases his new’ single ‘,’to flourish

  • “I have a good relationship with Rafinha, Patric and Messi. With Neymar I have also coincided in some performance”

He dreamed of being a footballer and ended up being the DJ of footballers. He started DJing as a ‘hobby’ and ended up changing the goal and gloves for the booth and the dishes. Like Mendieta, Pinto, Álvaro Benito And till Julio IglesiasAfter leaving football, he focused on music. Yes Hector Massanet had gone through the school of Barça, Villlareal, Europa, Cornellà and L’Hospitalet, as Hector mass He has performed at festivals such as Tomorrowland and nightclubs around the world, as well as at the wedding of Victor Valdes and some anniversary parties for Barça players. Now, after the success of his song ‘Shake That Bottle’ (included in the soundtrack of ‘Lucifer’, a hit Netflix series), he has just released his new ‘single’, ‘to flourish‘waiting for the covid to allow him to act again.

He started with the dishes at the age of 12, but everything changed when he decided to celebrate his 18 years by having a party in a private room in Sotavento, in the Port Olímpic. The head of the disco saw him DJ and signed him. What until then was only a ‘hobby’ began to be outlined as a professional career until in 2016 music gained its pulse. “Mentally, there was a point that I didn’t quite enjoy 100% in goal. Last year it was complicated because there were some performances that if it coincided with the day before the game, you had few hours to sleep and it was a little more complicated. There I did the click to say that I had to opt for one of the two things. The world of the night with football is difficult to reconcile and I decided to bet on music. It was the beginning of my career, “explains Hektor, who after having come to play In Second B with L’Hospitalet he said goodbye at 23 at Walter Pandiani’s Masnou. “From Masnou I went to Los Angeles for a season and everything started a little more seriously there.” That year he released his first single, ‘My life’, which was number one in Mexico and began to play on national and international radios.

The following year he would act at the wedding of Víctor Valdés, one of his idols. “He was proud because he is one of the best in history,” he says. “I have a very good relationship with Rafinha, with whom we played every year, with Patric gabarron, from Lazio, who played with me at Villarreal. Sometimes they come to see me perform. We have also agreed with Neymar in some performance. I’m lucky to be able to meet so many footballers. In general, they quite like the music I play and sometimes they ask me for a song. “He coincided with Messi, Alba and Xavi in ​​an advertisement for G.” With Messi I have a closer relationship because one of my best friends is Luis Suárez’s brother-in-law. Before the announcement I did not know him that much and I was surprised by the football quality, because in the first person it is even more surprising “.

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The pandemic has meant that since March of last year he could only have one performance, which has made him turn to production, although he cannot present the songs live. “When you finish a song, before the release you click it directly to see how people react to see if you have to make a change or not. Now you can’t.” The presentations of his new ‘singles’ had become parties for ‘influencers’ like him, who has also found an economic injection in social networks while the clubs reopen. “There are brands that see that I can give the profile of Instagram or advertising actions. It is another source of income that is doing well, like the song that appears in the Netflix series ‘Lucifer’. But the main source is the performances, which it’s more complicated”. If before many children dreamed of being soccer players, now many want to be ‘influencers’. He, who has tried both worlds, points out that both “require their own discipline” and that the key is to “work on what you like and enjoy it.” Along the same lines, he reflects that one lives under pressure both in a cabin and under some sticks, although it is also different. “In football, a small failure can condition the whole game, send you to the bench and no longer play for the entire season. In football, any failure involves not only you but the team and a failure in a booth is something more personal” .

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