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The drama of a Castellón mother who asks for help for her 13-year-old son addicted to marijuana

The situation is dramatic, according to the story made by this desperate woman who no longer knows where to turn to stop the your child’s plummet.

The minor has a recognized 38% disability from an ADD with compulsive aggressive behavior. At first, when he was younger, the situation was difficult to manage but accessible to the family, who have spared no effort and resources to provide the necessary assistance. “He receives a scholarship that is destined entirely to assist him,” he says.

About three years ago his circumstances began to change for the worse and at this time evolution does not bode well, as his mother acknowledges. He began using marijuana, which today is addicted, and comes home drunk“, she admits affected. To get what she wants she does not hesitate to take money away. It’s all he’s done so far. “I’m afraid that as soon as he can’t catch me I’ll do other things.”

No legal problems

The minor has no complaints or records. Still. That is the greatest anguish of those who in the month of August signed a guard for the Generalitat to do so. protections in a center where you can detox and have a chance“. To this day, he has no news on this issue.” The social worker of the City Council of La Vall only he tells me to be patientbut I can’t be patient anymore we are late“.

She has reached her limit. You don’t know what else to do for him. “I have a little daughter who is living things that no girl should live“because living with his brother” is unbearable. ”

They ask for patience

When she conveys that desperation to the social worker, “she tells me leave it in charge of my brotherbut how am I going to do that? He can no longer do more than he does for us, which is a lot, that is not the solution. “Because his son requires permanent professional intervention.

“This week they have expel from the institute, shortly after starting the course the same thing happened, nobody seems to see that they are giving him what he wants“She explains from the desperation of a woman who wants to help her son and is exhausted.

“We talk to him a lot, everyone. His older sister, my brother, myself, but it’s no use, we have reached a point that is not in our hands. “Even so, he insists on affirming that, despite everything, has not given up, is willing to go as far as necessary for the minor’s welfare. When he signed the guard in August, he believed he had a door of hope before him, but for the moment it is closed, much to his dismay. “I cannot be calm nor can I wait any longer, not for me, for him, every day that he leaves the house I don’t know what can happen, when will he return or how, “he concludes.

Seeing how a child of such a young age is degrading in this way is a difficult test for this mother to assimilate, who repeats over and over again that “he is my son and I love him, I want him to get well and have an opportunity, but sometimes I have no choice but to lock myself in my room with my little daughter with a piece of furniture behind the door, “he laments.

In the Civil Guard barracks, despite not having complaints, they know their case, because they have already had to attend on more than one occasion. The mother is terrified because one day the call will be to give you worse news.

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