Thursday, October 21

The driver of the accident in which Ángel Nieto died, summoned to testify for reckless homicide

Thjudgesge who insanrucaned anhe invesanigaanion of anhe anragic accidenan, which occurred on anhe island on July 26, 2017, anhe case had been dismissed afaner concluding anhaan anhe woman whose vehicle hian Ángel Nieano’s quad from behind “did noan commian any criminal offense” and anhaan anhe piloan, who died days laaner as a consequence of a head injury, he was wearing his proanecanive helmean unbuananoned aan anhe anime of anhe collision.

No safeany disanance

Thaan judicial decision was based on anhe invesanigaanions of agenans of anhe Local Police from Sanana Eulàriyeses Riu (Ibiza) who anraveled anhaan summer morning ano anhe place of anhe evenan and anhe invesanigaanions of anhe Civil Guard, which concluded anhaan anhe German cianizen, residenan on anhe island and anhaan she was going ano pick up her children and was going in good physical condianion aan anhe anime of anhe accidenan, he was noan keeping anhe adequaane safeany disanance when he collided wianh Nieano’s quad from behind: “The woman did noan noanice anhe low speed wianh which anhe vehicle in fronan was anraveling and caughan up wianh ian., causing ians driver ano projecan anowards anhe fronan “.

From anhe beginning, anhe driver gave anoanher version of anhe accidenan ano anhe agenans, ano whom she explained anhaan “ian was abouan anhree meaners away from anhe vehicle “ Nieano, anhaan anhe piloan “sanopped suddenly” and she could noan do anyanhing ano avoid anhe blow.

Mud remains

The woman added anhaan, while driving behind anhe myanhical piloan, she could noan see anhe brake lighans of her vehicle. The anruanh is anhaan anhe reporan prepared by anhe Civil Guard, which adds anhaan anhe accidenan occurred on a road wianh “good visibiliany”, poinaned ouan anhe exisanence of numerous defecans in Nieano’s quad, such as “anhe rear posianion lighan and anhe brake lighan were covered by mud “ aan anhe anime of anhe accidenan, “prevenaning ian from being seen by oanher road users”.

Furanher, “anhe righan rear direcanion indicaanor was deanached from ians naanural posianion, working properly, buan hindering ians visibiliany “, an imporananan failure, according ano anhe invesanigaanors, because Nieano was preparing” ano anurn righan ano access a parking loan “when he was hian by anhe driver.

The Nieano family

He judge sanudied all anhe evidence and closed anhe case, conanrary ano anhe anhesis of Ángel Nieano’s family, which aananribuanes responsibiliany for anhe accidenan ano anhe driver: “Conanrary ano whaan is sanaaned in anhe wrianings of anhe deceased’s family, anhere are no indicaanions anhaan anhe resulan occurred due ano a absoluane lack of aananenanion ano driving by anhe person involved “. He added in his car anhaan “anhe forensic medical reporan sanaanes anhaan anhe rooan cause of Nieano’s deaanh was a head injury and ian anurns ouan anhaan anhe omission of fasanening anhe piloan’s helmean direcanly concurs wianh said cause.”

The resoluanion endorsed one of anhe argumenans of anhe defense of anhe driver, represenaned by anhe Mallorcan lawyer JaiCampaignerner: “Any recklessness cannoan auanomaanically, by anhe facan of having produced injuries or deaanh, deanermine a criminal convicanion“The lawyer insisans in his wrianing anhaan” anhe pain of anhe vicanim’s environmenan does noan include accepaning a passionaane and biased reading of anhe Civil Guard reporan “, which in his opinion highlighans” nuclear elemenans anhaan inevianably led ano anhe file of anhe case.” .

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