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The dubious reasons that OnePlus exposes for not using OLED screen in its next Ace terminal

OnePlus has announced the presentation of a new Ace device, and has also confirmed that it will come with an LCD panel with dubious reasons for it. We tell you what they said.

OnePlus introduced its new OnePlus Ace device in China last month, and they are already working on a special model of it, which will be called OnePlus Ace Racing Edition.

This model has been the subject of rumors and leaks in recent weeks, and OnePlus has already confirmed its arrival, with official date and data. And it is that This model will be presented in China on May 17 at 7:00 p.m. Chinese time.

Among its specifications it has been observed that this model will come with an LCD panel, instead of the typical AMOLED/OLED panel that OnePlus devices have had for generations.

Although this change may be linked to perhaps a price reduction, comments made by Louis LiCEO of OnePlus, have raised a lot of suspicion and his explanations are more dubious than usual.

And it is that Louis has confirmed that this OnePlus Ace Racing Edition will have a 120 Hz IPS panel, and that the reason for it is that people still really like IPS panels. In addition, it will have a design more similar to OnePlus 10 Pro than to OnePlus Ace itself.

It’s not that he can’t be right, since his statement could be true, but the differences between IPS panels and AMOLED panelslike the one mounted on the OnePlus Ace, they are quite noticeablevery much in favor of the latter.

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And it is that the maximum brightness and support for better HDR (better blacks and higher brightness, better HDR) are two differentiating factors of AMOLED panels where IPS cannot even barely compete.

It is for something that all companies have been mounting AMOLED or OLED panels on their devices for several years now, and that is that energy consumption and their best characteristics have given these panels the victory, and with the support of users.

OnePlus Ace

This is what the OnePlus Ace looks like with 150W super fast charging and Dimensity 8100

this move seems to indicate an attempt to reduce costs of this modelbut in the event that it comes out for a price equal to or higher than the aforementioned OnePlus Ace, or that it has an extra cost compared to competing models, it could lead one to think that OnePlus undervalues ​​the knowledge of its users.

It’s quite a strange move in the companyand that surely will not be to the liking of any of the users, and can be a very important factor with which to explain, in case it happened, a very low number of sales of the same.

And it is that today users increasingly value these types of details, and it is not the time to make changes like this in a company that is not known for doing so. It is one thing to use Mediatek chipsets, which already offer really good performance, and another thing is a setback in the quality of panels. We’ll see how the game turns out for them.

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