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The EAFRD funds are extended until 2022 and their budget is increased to 1,607 million

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These funds finance rural development programs in all member states and regions of the European Union

The Monitoring Committee of the Extremadura Rural Development Program FEADER 2014-2022 has approved the 2021 Interim Annual Report, in which the priorities of Extremadura are presented with regard to the use of the 1,607 million euros of public funds available for the period 2014-2022.

The meeting was co-chaired by the General Director of Autonomous Financing and European Funds, Lourdes Hernández, and the General Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Rural, Agricultural Policies and Territory, María Curiel. The General Secretary of Population and Rural Development, Manuel Mejías, the main social and economic agents of the region, and representatives of the European Commission, among others, have also participated.

With this modification, approved by Commission Decision C(2021) 9461, of December 10, 2021, the program has incorporated the regular funds from the 2021 and 2022 annuities, as well as the EURI funds, which has made it possible to expand the execution of the program until 2025.

This has meant that a public expenditure of 1,188 million euros has been changed to a new budget for the 2014-2022 Rural Development Program with Next Generation funds, together with the extension of the programme, and with additional national funding of 1,607 million euros. euros.

At the meeting of the Monitoring Committee, the degree of execution of the program and the degree of compliance with the Performance Framework have been evaluated, and the 2021 Annual Interim Report has been approved, for subsequent official submission to the European Commission. Likewise, the state of the communication strategy and the evaluation of the financial instruments have been analysed.

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What are EAFRD funds?

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) finances the European policy for rural development. To this end, it finances rural development programs in all member states and regions of the Union. For the 2014-2022 programming period, the three main objectives of the fund are to promote agricultural competitiveness; ensure the sustainable management of natural resources and climate action, as well as achieve balanced territorial development of rural economies and communities, including the creation and maintenance of employment.

As for the EURI funds, these are EAFRD funds from the European Recovery Plan to alleviate the consequences of covid-19, achieve the objectives of the EU Green Deal and for the digital transition and resilience. With these funds, co-financing rates of one hundred percent can be achieved.

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