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The Easiest Way For Men To Elevate Their Style Without Fuss

The Easiest Way For Men To Elevate Their Style Without Fuss

Tom Ford once said that dressing well is like showing good manners. This raises a common question for men: How can you keep your style sharp and effortless? Well, we’ve got the solution to your style struggles. Introducing GRAMS28, a game-changer in men’s fashion accessories.

GRAMS28 is all about making sophistication easy. No matter your age or lifestyle, their full-grain leather bags add a touch of class to any look—perfect for the office, tough enough for fieldwork, and sleek for evenings out. GRAMS28 is all about pairing exceptional materials, striking aesthetics, and inimitable craftsmanship. 

What makes GRAMS28 special is how it uses top-notch materials and design to create stuff that’s not just nice to look at but also really durable. Full-grain leather, which is the best quality leather you can get, doesn’t just last a long time; it also gets its own cool look over time, making each GRAMS28 item unique for its owner. This commitment to making long-lasting, stylish items means guys don’t have to pick between looking good or having things that are practical.


The story behind Benjamin Chan, the founder of GRAMS28, is just as interesting as his products. Growing up in a family that was all about design and building stuff to last, Benjamin always knew the importance of making things that are both useful and look good. But when he discovered the work of Dieter Rams, a designer who believed in making things simple, useful, and long-lasting without sacrificing how they look, it really shaped how Benjamin thought about creating his own products.

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When he started GRAMS28 in 2019, Benjamin wanted to fill a gap in the market for men’s accessories that were as practical as they were stylish. Instead of following quick fashion trends, he focused on classic styles that would look good no matter the season or reason. Whether it’s for work, a day in the city, or traveling, GRAMS28 makes things that fit the modern guy’s life, all thanks to Benjamin’s belief in a balanced, useful design that also looks good.


  1. The Tech Folio is more than just a sleeve for your gadgets. With an offering of five sizes and four color options, this accessory ensures your tech is always snug and protected while showcasing your style. Whether you’re more of a black or olive green person, or you gravitate towards fossil gray or dark blue, there’s a Tech Folio that’s designed just for you.
  2. Next in line is the 159 Folio Pro, designed to function as your ultimate mobile office. This slim and sleek hand-carry briefcase can accommodate your MacBook Pro or any other laptop up to 16″ along with your key work essentials. Moreover, the functional and distinctly designated pockets within make organizing effortless.
  3. If you’re a man of business, then the 155 Briefcase is your match. This spacious briefcase comes with a handy luggage pass-through, making it perfect for work trips or everyday commutes. Just like the 159 Folio Pro, the 155 Briefcase can fit a MacBook Pro or any other laptop up to 16″ and accommodate documents and other necessary items without breaking a sweat.
  4. The 154 City Pack is designed to be the city man’s perfect companion. This sling bag with an adjustable strap is tailored to fit an iPad Pro 11″ along with a magic keyboard and your daily necessities. It’s convenient, it’s stylish, and it’s versatile — exactly what you need for your bustling day.
  5. The 109 Essential Case is a compact solution to keeping your everyday items in check. This case is thoughtfully designed to fit an iPhone, AirPods, Apple Pencil, AirTag, cash, keys, and more. It’s ideal for individuals who appreciate an organized carry.
  6. The slim 108 Cardholder is built to carry up to eight cards and easily fits trifold banknotes. Its compact design embodies the spirit of smart and intentional carry, making it a must-have for the minimalist man.
  7. Your Apple Watch deserves a touch of sophistication too! The 161 Modern Apple Watch Band comes in three varieties: snowflake leather, Nappa leather, and pebbled leather, accompanied by either silver or black hardware. The craftsmanship, quality, and design make it a worthy companion for your timepiece.
  8. The 121 MagSafe Leather Case | iPhone 14 Pro isn’t just a case, it’s armor for your iPhone. Fitted with built-in magnets for the MagSafe feature, this case ensures all-around protection for your phone with raised edges specifically for the camera area.
  9. Finally, the 112 AirPods Pro Case complements your earbuds with a refined touch. Crafted from either snowflake or pebbled leather, this case is available in four color varieties ensuring your choice caters to your style.
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All GRAMS28 products are designed using 100% full-grain leather sourced from Gruppo Mastrotto, a reputable tannery in Italy. Known worldwide for their high-quality leather production, Gruppo Mastrotto exercises Environment Certified Tanning, signifying GRAMS28’s commitment to environmentally responsible materials. Each product is expertly crafted in Arzignano, Italy, renowned for its affluent leather crafting heritage. The high-quality materials and design created by GRAMS28 ensure that each item is not just an accessory, but a lasting addition to your style.


We did the work for you, designing bags that are gorgeous and functional. Where bold style meets limitless functionality, GRAMS28 stands tall, ensuring men of substance always have their necessities within arm’s reach, encased in robust classics. After all, wherever you go, your style should follow!

So next time you’re out conquering the world, let GRAMS28 back you up. Upgrade and redefine your everyday style with products that exude elegance, and sophistication, tailor-made for men who call the world their office.

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