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The effect of the holidays will increase infections by at least 20% in the first weeks of the year

The transmission of positives by covid continues unstoppable and Within a couple of weeks, infections are expected to increase another 20% due to the effect of the Christmas holidays.

It is the casuistry that the Ministry of Health considers also based on the data handled by the Ministry’s Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies. The peak of this sixth wave it is expected in the future of the next fifteen days.

In addition, in the latter stages of the year, the cases derived from the latest omicron variant have practically equaled those caused by the delta variant in terms of prevalence both in the Community and at the national level, as indicated by Health, but its greater transmission capacity augurs since in the next few days the omicron strain is going to displace the delta so that the infections by omicron account for about 70% of the cases that now are around 50% and those from delta decrease proportionally to a similar extent.

The vice president of the Valencian Society of Family and Community Medicine, SoVaMFiC, Dr. Javier Blanquer, adds from the San Blas health center in Alicante that in Primary Care the different variants of covid are not diagnosed, but confirms that due to sheer prevalence, and Given the casuistry in the Community, it is known that omicron is displacing the delta variant according to its transmission, which is much higher.

«Ómicron shortens the time of contagion. If before it was six days, now it is four, so that those who did not act with sufficient caution on New Year’s Eve will translate into new infections this week, after four days of being with positive cases.

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Health centers are therefore on alert and, despite the pressure they are already suffering due to the combination of the loss of personnel due to vacations and some casualties, they know that they will have to do the rest to be able to attend to the new avalanche that is expected as a result of the night of the end of the year.

Elda, ahead

The Elda health department is the only one in the entire province that has already begun to summon people over 50 years of age to administer the booster dose against the coronavirus, as confirmed by the Ministry of Health.

Once the people over 60 have been cited in a general way, after President Ximo Puig announced the intention that all of them be immunized with the third dose at the end of 2021, a few departments in the Community have started citing the next age bracket.

The health department of Elda is joined by the health areas of Requena, the General Hospital of Castellón, Gandía and Sagunto, while in the rest of the Community the appointments of the previous age group end together with those who were vaccinated with Janssen and al teachers who already have the double standard of AstraZeneca to complete the reinforcement of your immunization.

From the Ministry of Health and Education they maintain the commitment that next Monday, January 10, the teaching staff as well as the administration and services of the educational centers, as well as cleaning, dining room monitors and Infant educators and educators, can return to class “with the highest possible immunization.”

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The areas that advance this same dose to those over 50 years of age respond to “the characteristics of the population they serve,” which makes it possible to do so more quickly.

Health maintains for the reinforcement of the vaccine the 47 permanent vaccination points, supported by the respective health centers, and remember that certain vaccination points are also enabled without the need for a prior appointment, which are intended for the immunization of non-vaccinated with the first and second doses, as they remember.

Lower the pressure of Primary Care with new self-tests

Health and the pharmaceutical sector of the Community affirm that the introduction of the self-diagnostic test carried out in pharmacies is “imminent”. The Ministry and the official colleges of pharmacists of the three provinces finalize the most efficient way to coordinate pharmacy offices with Health, so that the communication of the data obtained is really agile and contributes to reducing the healthcare pressure generated in the centers of health the need for patients to confirm the results of the tests by PCR at this time. Through the new system to be implemented, they ensure that soon it will be the pharmacies that will record the results of the tests that are carried out in the office itself to transmit them to Health, although both parties specify that in no case will certificates of the result be issued from the pharmacy. «Only the result of the test will be verified and it will be officially communicated to the Ministry. This will help reduce the healthcare pressure in Primary Care centers by including the result directly in the health system, “they point out to this newspaper, but in no case will it serve as proof when traveling or going to certain places.

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