Friday, September 17

The El Campello garbage plant invests 20 million in its expansion

The works to expand the El Campello plant have already started.  |  INFORMATION

The works to expand the El Campello plant have already started. | INFORMATION

Work begins on the expansion of the El Campello garbage plant, which serves the municipalities of the Marina Alta and Marina Baixa, with an investment of 20 million euros. The works began last week with the start-up of the structure of the bullet rejection warehouse, they contemplate cutting-edge and pioneering technology in the province, with two reactors that will optimize the composting process.

In this way, the Consorci Mare gives the starting signal to some works that aim to improve the rates of waste recovery and, in addition, avoid bad odors to meet the main neighborhood claim, since residents have been suffering stenches since the opening of the complex in 2009. Work is expected to be completed in the summer 2021 and for the president of the Consortium and mayor of Orxeta, José Vicente Férriz, these are works «very necessary to optimize the operation of the plant, to comply with the regulations set by Europe and the Generalitat itself on waste management. NIt will allow you to treat the organic matter properly and increase the recovery of products exponentially». Férriz insisted to this media on the need to reduce as much as possible the material that is deposited in the landfill in order to reduce its environmental impact.

The next step that is already in the initial phase is the installation of the structure and roof of the refining warehouse, as well as the adaptation of the glass recovery warehouse that will incorporate new machinery to extract the small portions of glass from the biostabilized material. The operators will continue with the incorporation of the shrink wrapper and the new press of the reject bales, so that the bales arrive compacted to the landfill to avoid bad odors and prolong their useful life.

The composting shed has already been prepared to install the new machinery, two reactors that will optimize the composting process using automatic turners. It is the first time that this latest generation technology has been installed in a plant in Alicante, which makes the Consorci Mare the most advanced waste management entity in the province as highlighted from the entity.

Between the two reactors, the Consorci Mare estimates to treat a total of 56,000 tons of bio-waste per year. In one of the reactors, 25,000 t / year will be treated from the selectively collected organic fraction (FORS) together with part of the vegetable fraction. The other reactor is planned to treat a total of 31,000 tons / year of organic fraction from the mixed waste bag (FORM).

The works involve an investment of more than 20 million, to be covered by both the Consorci Mare and the company awarded the service, FCC Medio Ambiente. With this modernization it is intended to act against the climatic emergency with the best and most up-to-date machinery and to comply with the Integrated Environmental Authorization (AAI) that requires the installation of an automated turning system for composting the organic fraction collected separately ( FORS) as well as for part of the organic fraction from the collection in the mixed waste bag (FORM).

The president of the Consorci stressed that “we are the starting point for the modernization of the Alicante consortiums.”

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