Tuesday, August 9

The Eldense gives a joy to his pubic before the break

In search of lowering the curtain to a 2021 in which Eldense, in general calculations, can consider the campaign as good, the duel of Pepico Amat offered the locals the possibility of adding the last victory of the year after a draw and two defeats in its previous days, including the Copa del Rey. Although qualifying the rival could be propitious, the Eldense arrived warned after falling before the Athletic Mancha Real in house, traveling the jiennenses in similar circumstances, reason why the stake against the Marchamalo demanded work and effort.

The first quarter of an hour of the match already left evidence that the locals were going to handle the game against a Marchamalo who, with his homework well done, endured and supported the locals, consuming a first quarter of an hour where they barely reached the area. . The locals risked more when looking for the goal and at eighteen minutes Luque cooked only one action with which, after placing a tunnel to his mark, he executed his shot at a long post to make it 1-0. The goal made Marchamalo jump through the air the initial containment plan and required the Alcarreños to expose and create to seek the goal. Despite this, the Eldense who was liked in the deal for the ball got back on track with the 2-0 before half an hour, after an action where Pablo placed a send to the heart of the area that Musa hosted in the frame of Jony.

The locals were sweet with their income and overwhelmed by the urgency of the Marchamalo, he was able to get fully into the match before the break in the first arrivals in danger, first in the feet of Molina who only before the local goal would send out, and two Nachete’s actions assisting Alvarito first and in the last bullet of the first half that Nachete slammed into Guille Vallejo’s crossbar. With a round first half of the premises, Tomé Alonso ended the first part where Romero’s men had given a good account of Pepico Amat.

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After the break, Eldense did not want to panic and took advantage of the three minutes to execute the third, again at the feet of Luque who took advantage of a new assistance from Pablo to beat Jony and stop the game. In full inertia before a Marchamalo that was sailing over the knocked out field, Eldense again had the option of placing the fourth but this time the hit from outside the area was repelled by the dashing crossbar. The visiting coach opted for three changes in a row to look for the heroic one, among them that of Jacobo who would have the best visitor chance that he sent over the local crossbar.

Eldense took the opportunity to generate danger when the Marchamalo more exposed their ideas in search of scoring the goal in their favor. From there the locals took advantage of a quarter of an hour from the end to make more blood, in a counter in which Aarón Ñiguez assisted a ball to which Julen sent the answer himself to the network. With the match completely annihilated in favor of the local team, the Marchamalo no longer sought more than the honor of scoring the goal of honor in a duel where the locals dominated it from start to finish without leaving the Alcarrians at any time with any option to surprise. .

Farewell to the year returning to the path of victories for an Eldense who closed the most complete match so far this season against a rival that is true, a priori he is called to suffer to maintain the category.

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