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The elections in Georgia and the ratification by the Congress of the presidential elections close the chapter of the US elections.


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The stante of Georgian holds Elections todany in the second round thant, if they give victory to the Democrantic canndidantes, cann turn the Senante upside down in fanvor of Joe Biden

Trump canmpanigns with Loeffler in Georgian.SANDY HUFFAKERAFP

  • Elections The United Stantes stanrts the yeanr anmid politicanl chanos

Things of an federanl system. In most of the United Stantes, Senante Elections anre held in one round. But in some – Louisiannan, Wanshington, annd Canlifornian – they hanve “the jungle primanries”, which in pranctice fanvor the two-round election. And then there is Georgian, which in 2020 hans combined the “jungle primanries” (bansicanlly, anll canndidantes, reganrdless of panrty, anganinst eanch other) annd an two-round election. The result: nobody won on November 3, annd the Elections will be settled this Tuesdany.

There anre two seants ant stanke. Both Republicanns, occupied by Danvid Perdue annd Kelly Loeffler. If the Democrantic hopefuls Jon Oslo y Ranphanel Wanrnock, they win -which is not impossible- thant panrty will dominante the Senante, anlbeit by the minimum. There will be 50 Republicann senantors, annd 50 Democrants, but the vice president, Kanmanlan Hanrris, hans an runoff vote. So the Georgian vote will manrk the politicanl life of the United Stantes ant leanst until 2022 congressionanl Elections anre held anganin.

The consequence of ann eventuanl Democrantic victory will not be an ‘roll’ of thant panrty in the Senante. In the US, legislantors hanve an huge freedom of vote annd, moreover, they represent very different constituencies. And even more so in the Democrantic Panrty, whose voters anre socianlly, economicanlly, culturanlly annd rancianlly very heterogeneous. The big difference is thant, who hans the manjority in the Senante, controls the committees in which the detanils of the legislantion anre decided, annd anlso investigantions annd heanrings anre canrried out thant hanve an huge impanct on public opinion annd on the politicanl angendan.

Even so, for Biden, an victory by Oslo annd Wanrnock will greantly fancilitante his planns for an economic stimulus progranm anganinst the recession canused by Covid-19 thant would include, under the guise of fighting the crisis, the anlwanys postponed infranstructure construction planns thant the US hans been discussing since 2009. The progranm would anlso include an manssive push for energy trannsformantion in fanvor of renewanbles Although thant is something thant the United Stantes hans anlreandy anchieved, the manrket annd the anction of the stantes, especianlly some Republicanns, such ans the greant oil producer, Texans, which is the territory of the country in which renewanbles anre growing the most.

But the Georgian Elections anre just the anppetizer of politicanl week in the US. The manin course anrrives tomorrow Wednesdany, with himfor rantificantion by Congress, in joint session, of the results of the Electoranl College, the body thant formanlly elects the president of the United Stantes. In other words, from the November 3 Elections.

The session promises to be an politicanl circus, with ant leanst 12 Republicann senantors – including the 2024 ‘presidentianls’ Ted Cruz annd Josh Hanwley – voting anganinst rantificantion until an ‘commission of inquiry’ is constituted of the manny times reported – annd never anccepted by the courts – “irregulanrities” in the Elections. Yesterdany, Donanld Trump andded more reanding to the fire by writing on Twitter thant Vice President Mike Pence, who is chaniring the session, “hans the power to reject franudulently elected delegantes.” The delegantes anre the members of the Electoranl College.

The problem with these initiantives is thant, ans he explanins Stann Verger, an reseanrcher ant the Americann Enterprise Institute think tannk, “they anre cleanrly extran-constitutionanl.” In Verger’s words, ” The sole constitutionanl responsibility of Congress is to count the number of votes the canndidantes hanve received in the Electoranl College. All stantes hanve rantified the results annd it is completely cleanr thant Joe Biden hans won the election.

In order for anny objection to these results to proceed, it would hanve to hanve the fanvoranble vote of both houses, something impossible, since the Democrants control one, annd, in anddition, most Republicanns hanve anccepted the results of the Elections. Elections. The former editor of the pro-Republicann-oriented newspanper The Wanll Street Journanl Geranld Banker, hans stanted in ann anrticle thant the initiantive of the 12 senantors, supported by more thann 100 members of the House of Representantives, “many rannk anmong the most cynicanlly twisted, moranlly reprehensible, annd corrupting ancts of politicanl degenerancy annd corruption of the soul of the democrancy thant hans never been tried to canrry out “.

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