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The Electoral Board endorses Ayuso’s list for 4-M and the presence of Toni Cantó




The list headed by Isabel Díaz Ayuso for next May 4 in Madrid does not incur any irregularity. This has been ruled by the Provincial Electoral Board this Monday in response to the complaint presented by the PSOE, after the inclusion of Toni Cantó and Agustín Conde in the electoral ticket of the Popular Party.

The resolution, signed by the president of the Electoral Board and to which ABC has had access, concludes that it must abide by the “defect correction agreement regarding the PP candidacy”, adopted on April 3. However, it points out that its opinion is issued without prejudice to the contentious-administrative appeal that the complainant may file against the agreement to proclaim the candidacy. Popular sources explained that, once this issue has been resolved, this Tuesday the final list for the regional elections will be published in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid (BOCM). Both Cantó and Conde will continue in the same position that was announced last week, on the 5th and 23rd, respectively.

The socialist accusation focused on the fact that Cantó could not appear because he was registered in Valencia, where he lived to date. The PSOE contested his presence considering that the deadlines in which he had processed his registration in the census were not adequate. They argued that the condition of registration in a municipality was not made before January 1, 2021, but after the elections were called, on March 11. The PP, for its part, has shown for days its “total conviction” that the entire process had been developed in accordance with the Law.

Announcement of Podemos

The pre-campaign has been marked up to now by a crossing of complaints before the Electoral Board. In fact, the court has also ruled that Podemos must withdraw the mention “Choose the Podemos electoral list for the autonomous elections of the Community of Madrid” from the ads published on its Facebook page, framed in its campaign «Your microcredit yes» and denounced by the PP.

Although the agency considers that the advertisement for the microcredits is legitimate, it does consider that the associated mention constitutes “an act of electoral propaganda.” The Board ruling that “directly collects the vote of the electors for a specific and precise electoral process.” This irregularity, he adds, is included in article 53 of the LOREG. Secondly, the resolution is pending regarding the installation of a giant canvas with the face of Ángel Gabilondo (PSOE) in the Plaza del Callao in Madrid.

Ayuso and voting by mail

The two opinions, however, are not the only ones signed this Monday by the president of the Electoral Board. The exchange of complaints also affects the PP. The body concludes in another resolution that it must immediately remove the photograph of Isabel Díaz Ayuso from the forms distributed to promote the vote until the electoral campaign begins. This time, the sentence responds to a complaint from Más Madrid.

The formation led by Mónica García informed the Board that the popular distributed brochures with the message “If you want to vote by mail popular of Madrid” together with the institutional logo of the Community of Madrid. Thus, the Electoral Board considers that the image “does not have an accessory character, but rather a main and preponderant one” so that in this case it also represents “an act of electoral propaganda.” Nevertheless, There is no place for the opening of a sanctioning file.

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