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The elimination of the toponym «Villajoyosa» will have to wait

One of the entrance signs to the municipality that includes the two place names of La Vila Joiosa / Villajoyosa.  |  DAVID REVENGA

One of the entrance signs to the municipality that includes the two place names of La Vila Joiosa / Villajoyosa. | DAVID REVENGA
David Revenga

For now, Vila Joiosa will also continue to be “Villajoyosa”. The elimination of this last toponym that was raised and approved in September by the tripartite (PSOE, Compromís and Gent per La Vila) will have to wait since yesterday, in the plenary session in which the matter was to be debated again, the local government withdrew the proposal from the agenda. The reason: the lack of reports by the Generalitat Valenciana on the administrative process that the City Council has to follow to make this change effective.

However, during the plenary session yesterday, no explanation was given at the time of why the item was withdrawn from the agenda. Halfway through the plenary session, Compromís councilor José Carlos Gil, who was going to defend it, took the floor to withdraw the matter from the session, claiming that he had to be absent from it for personal reasons. Nothing else was said at that time, although those present in plenary asked if it could have been discussed earlier, as did the PP spokesman Jaime Lloret; something to which the municipal secretary has answered affirmatively.

But, although he did not have time to explain it in the telematic session, it seems that this withdrawal of the point had an administrative explanation. As explained by the Councilor for Compromís Josep Castiñeira to this newspaper, the Consell “demands a report” to change the name of a municipality. And therein lies the doubt: that as in this case it is not a change but the elimination of a place name, it seems that the autonomous departments do not agree on whether or not that documentation is necessary and the City Council is not clear on it either. So it is waiting for both the Ministry of Territory and the Ministry of Culture to pronounce on the administrative process that must be followed from this moment on (since it would be the Valencian Academy of Llengua which is competent in this subject) and if the proposal should return to plenary session with that mandatory report or not. However, the mayor explained that a municipal report has been made from the area of ​​Llinguistics Normalization.

It should be remembered that the elimination of the toponym “Villajoyosa” was approved in the September plenary session with the votes in favor of the tripartite (11 votes) and with PP and Cs against (10 votes). Among the votes in favor, those of the Gent per La Vila spokesman, Pedro Alemany, who forms a government with PSOE and Compromís, who only three years ago, when he was in the Executive with PSOE and the US, voted against the same proposal but that this time he supported her. In fact, yesterday PP and Cs, who were against this issue since it was raised in plenary session, indicated in a statement that “regardless of the striking forms used” by the tripartite in plenary, they were “enormously satisfied by the withdrawal of the point “and that” is due to the massive rejection shown by the villagers. So much so that they went further and argued that “it would even reach some members of the government team itself, since not all the councilors of the Vilero tripartite were for the task of eliminating the name of Villajoyosa from the official name of the city.”

The “Hablemos Español” platform also spoke yesterday, which is even collecting signatures and held a rally a few weeks ago to show its rejection. Thus, they affirm that it was these movements that have caused the point to be withdrawn. Both the two parties and this entity claim the “success” of what the tripartite did. However, we will have to wait to see if the proposal returns to the plenary session or what administrative process the tripartite is now following to carry it out.

Proposal already rejected in plenary 3 years ago

3 years ago, the motion was already rejected. Then, the spokesperson for Gent per La Vila, Pedro Alemany, who also governed together with Verdú in a tripartite formed by PSOE, EU and Gent per La Vila, joined his vote with those of PP and Cs and prevented the proposal from being carried out, justifying his rejection in which “a consultation should have been made to the people, to the neighbors, because what was involved was to eliminate the name Villajoyosa at a stroke without even having asked the citizens their opinion.”

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