Tuesday, October 19

The ELIS Villamartín school in San Miguel de Salinas receives the ‘Exemplary SMART School’ accreditation for its use of new technologies

Fernando Sanz -Area Manager- and José Luis Castaño -Educational Consultant- present the plaque to Simón Roberts, director, and Toñi Legidos.

Fernando Sanz -Area Manager- and José Luis Castaño -Educational Consultant- present the plaque to Simón Roberts, director, and Toñi Legidos.

The Limonar International School Villamartín, located in the Alicante town of San Miguel de Salinas, has received the identification plate that accredits it as a ‘SMART Exemplary School’ for the intense and effective use of new technologies in its classrooms. A recognition that only fifty have obtained so far colleges all over the world, six of them Spanish, as reported by the center in a press release.

An accreditation that has been welcomed with great joy by the entire community of the educational center. “At ELIS Villamartín we make a firm commitment to the use of educational technology for the benefit of teaching and learning. Proof of this is this fantastic recognition that we are delighted to receive ”, said Simon Roberts, director of the center, at the end of the event.

For his part, Fernando Sanz, director of SMART Technologies for Spain, Portugal and Latin America, highlighted that “the combination of hardware, software Educational and methodology should be the formula that is used whenever we want to improve the academic results of the students. The technology By itself it does not improve school results, the correct methodological application with these technological tools is the key to success ”.

During the visit, the person in charge of SMART Technologies was able to greet some teachers of the educational center, as well as the students of the center and learn first-hand about the positive use of technology that is carried out in the classrooms of the different educational stages. Specifically, he thanked Toñi Legidos, professor of Secondary and Baccalaureate and Leader of Digital Transformation of the school his participation as a speaker in the last Ibero-American Education Week. An online event that brought together 8,000 educators from around the world and in which there were 120 sessions with educational experiences taught by the teachers themselves, which helped attendees to put new methodologies into practice in their classrooms.

The “Exemplary SMART Schools” are characterized by being innovative educational centers who make intensive and effective use of technology in the classroom to develop active methodologies with students. These centers, in addition to having SMART’s own hardware elements, such as the Interactive panels, stand out above all for the good use of the software solutions provided SMART Learning Suite (SMART’s educational suite), which implies that techniques such as Game-Based Learning, collaboration through mobile devices with students and different active methodologies that allow to maintain continuous motivation with students are implemented.


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